NVQ Rules 

You must be able to speak, read & write in English. 

You must inform CST prior to the course if you have any learning difficulties
Obtain parent/guardian written permission if under 18

You must complete the registration form, with the relevant details and your ID (Passport or Driving License) 

You must be able to gather the evidence as set out in our email communication. 

You must have basic IT Skills. 

You must be able to attend a zoom induction with your assessor. 

A site visit is not included in the cost (except for plant)

You must be experienced and competent in your job role. E.g. if you are completing a Level 2 Bricklaying NVQ, you must be working as a bricklayer and have relevant experience in that role. 

You must be able to gather videos, photos or copies of workplace documentation to complete the NVQ. (Including but not limited to, witness testimonies, photos/videos of you working, knowledge questions, case studies, recorded discussions.)

You must be able to access the online portal and upload evidence, via your smartphone, laptop, tablet or another device that allows you to access Quals Direct.

You must treat your assessor as you would wish to be treated. Abusive, threatening or abnormal behaviour will not be tolerated. 

The work that you upload must be yours, you must have permission to upload it and you must not falsify work. 

Your evidence must be from a ‘real-life workplace’ and not simulated. 

Evidence must not be more than 2 years old. 

Be aware that your portfolio may be internally and externally quality assured and we reserve the right to ask for clarification on the evidence or work that you supply. This process can take 14-28 working days.

Be aware that your certificate can take up to 30 working days after the quality assurance process to arrive as issued by the Awarding Body