Work Motivation Throughout the Winter Period: 5 Quick Tips

During the winter period, it can be hard to stay motivated even in your free time. Work motivation is even trickier to come by. Without any set goals for the winter months, you’re probably going to hit a slump sooner or later.

In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing 5 ways you can stay motivated throughout the cold, dark nights ahead. 

Take Time to Acknowledge Your Wins

Our schedules at work are often so busy that we rarely stop to pat ourselves on the back. One of the keys to staying motivated throughout the winter period (and throughout the entire year, really) is acknowledging a job well done. Pay more attention to your job performance. If you’re not receiving enough praise from management, that can be tough, but giving yourself some mental praise is surprisingly effective.

You don’t have to confine this to mammoth tasks, either. If you complete a task you found stressful or challenging, then acknowledge this fully before moving onto the next thing. 

Work Motivation: Learn About Your Trade

If you’re not motivated about your trade, how are you supposed to be motivated about your role within that trade? Don’t let your passion slip. And if you’re not passionate about your trade, try to rectify that! Is there anything specific about your industry that you’d like to learn more of? Look out for any books that are both relevant to your industry and catch your eye.

Struggling to find the time to read? There will likely be a range of relevant content available in other mediums, too. This could include audiobooks, online videos, and podcasts. 

Be More Social at Work

You’ll probably find motivation a lot easier to come by if you have friends at your job, and don’t feel isolated. But it can be tricky to make friends at work, especially if you’re in a job that’s fully remote. And especially if your job is fully remote but everyone else works at the office. 

Try to organise work events. Too daunting? Give your manager a nudge! A quarterly work night out is good for everyone, including management. 

Work Motivation: Create a Routine for the Winter Period

When it comes down to it, our bodies and our brains behave differently throughout the winter period. If we’re not changing our habits, this can have a detrimental effect on work motivation. When the temperatures start to drop and the days start getting shorter, try to adapt your routine accordingly. This may involve carrying out certain activities in the morning rather than at night, so that you’ll have the required light- and energy. 

Learn New Skills

Learning a new skill can both advance your career, and make you stand out to management. It doesn’t need to be something that will take years to master, either. You can learn a lot in an online course, even if it only takes a couple of months. Here at CST Training, we offer a wide range of training courses, so we’ll probably have something that’ll float your boat.

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