Eager to make 2023 the year of your career? CST Training might just be the place to start. We offer a wide range of training courses, covering fields like construction, management, health and safety, customer service, and many more. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be breaking down 5 ways you can make 2023 your year to train and develop with CST Training.

Save Money on Training Courses with CST

Just one of the many benefits to taking courses with CST Training is that our courses are very affordable. We offer a number of flexible payment options, and our courses can be bought in e-learning bundles, allowing you to save even more. 

The majority of our courses can also be completed entirely remotely, naturally saving on a number of costs, especially in the long term. The most obvious cost of having to travel to do a training course is just that: the travel. That’s true now more than ever. With most CST Training courses, you’ll either be completing your training at your job (meaning no additional travel is required), or remotely (meaning no travel is required at all).

Take Health and Safety Training Courses

We offer a number of health and safety training courses, which fall under the CITB Site Safety Plus (SSP) scheme. By completing any of these courses, you’ll not only be boosting your health and safety awareness, but you’ll also be developing your career. In certain fields, a solid grasp of health and safety is absolutely essential, particularly when it comes to supervisory or managerial roles. 

Construction NVQs

A construction NVQ is a certification that proves to prospective employers that you’re competent in a specific area of construction, or with a specific kind of equipment. We offer these qualifications from levels 2 through 7, so wherever you are in your construction career, there will likely be an NVQ for you.

If you’re looking to progress in your construction career path, these NVQs are a surefire means of doing so.

Develop Your Career with Remote Training Courses

We touched on this earlier, but the fact that so many of our courses are remote is a huge benefit in itself. If one of the reasons you were holding off on advancing your career was because you felt like you didn’t have time, consider taking a remote course. 

With a course you can complete online, you can progress on your own schedule, rather than needing to stick to the fixed schedule of in-person classes. This flexibility allows you to learn at your own pace. 

Apply for a CSCS Card

Another way to make 2023 the year of your career is by applying for a CSCS Card. Designed for construction workers across the UK, a CSCS card shows employers that you have the proper training and qualifications to work on a site. 

Most building companies and contractors require you to have a CSCS Card before you can work for them, so it’s something to bear in mind if you’re beginning your career in construction.

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