What Is A Construction NVQ?


In its building-related role, Construction NVQs are a certification used to indicate a person’s competence. From the information they have given, an assessor may evaluate the skill of the trainee to do their job. Construction NVQs are available from levels 2-7, depending on the qualification chosen.

Benefits Of A Construction NVQ:

  • Recognised qualification
  • Progression
  • Learning on the job
  • Variety of choices
  • Employer benefits
  • Employee benefits

Recognised Qualification

The National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) is accepted nationally as a qualification that indicates that you are performing to the industry level. The degree has a good reputation and would be popular with current and potential employers, helping to advance your career. NVQs are equal to other nationally accepted qualifications, for example: 

-GCSE (grades A*–C) is an equivalent to an NVQ Level 2

-Certificate of higher education is equivalent to an NVQ Level 4

-Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to an NVQ Level 6


The construction sector includes a variety of opposed paths to go with your career. If you choose the best NVQ for you it will help you become more competent in the particular area in which you choose to move further. An NVQ enables you to acquire knowledge of both the theory and functional aspects of your role, allowing you to advance your career development.

By finding your way up the NVQ levels in your job, you can also prove that you need to advance. In the specific job, each NVQ degree needs more liability.

An example of progression would be a site supervisor completing a level 6 NVQ in construction site management to showcase they are willing to progress into the role of site manager.

On The Job Experience

Owing to its modular nature, NVQs are suitable for those who need to be professional and have job experience. Many firms have opted to get an NVQ for their workers who are finishing their apprenticeship, so that they can gain a strong mix between theoretical and practical experience. In your profession, the expertise you obtain through your qualification is likely to open doors and therefore help the pay scale in the future.

Variety Of Options

A number of NVQs for construction are available for different functions, such as plastering, dry lining, forklift trucks, cranes and specialist lifting, and much more. 

NVQs are also available at a variety of levels, 1 to 7, with each level targeting a different level of business expertise, from newcomers to more specialised credentials. The choice of NVQs available allows employees to complete the qualification which is tailored to their job role and also complete different construction nvqs to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Employer Benefits

Employers who send their employees to obtain NVQs can benefit from a variety of benefits. Most importantly, it can boost the competence and retention of employees. Training opportunities can also assist with hiring because it demonstrates that progress is feasible. The new skills acquired by employees will increase their performance, productivity and motivation, which ultimately betters the company. Ultimately, the more skilled, properly qualified individuals on a site the safer the workplace environment.

Employee Benefits

Employees will benefit from the completion of construction NVQs and develop them to national occupational standards. Most notably, they are a legitimate acknowledgment of their expertise, experience and competency, showing that on building projects they can operate effectively and efficiently. Completing  and achieving the course increases enthusiasm and trust in oneself. The ability to advance to higher-level NVQ courses will motivate employees and keep them satisfied with their choice of career.

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