Supervision NVQ Course: Who Should Take A Course In Supervision?

Here at CST Training, we offer a wide range of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs). A selection of these take the form of a supervision NVQ course.

There are three main supervision NVQs. These include Occupational Work Supervisor Level 3, Construction Contracting Operations Level 3, and Site Supervision Level 4. The following blog will outline who should take supervision NVQs, and what you stand to gain from acquiring the qualifications.

Who Should Take a Supervision NVQ?

If you supervise particular trades (including steel fixers, form workers, labourers, and construction operatives), supervision NVQs are for you.

While those working in such roles will already have gained a lot of supervisory experience, these NVQs are extremely beneficial. You won’t just be gaining more experience- you’ll be embarking on a self-reflection journey, and taking charge of your career. 

You can complete these NVQs at your own pace. Throughout, you’ll be independently reviewed and assessed by one of CST Training’s industry experts. 

Benefits of Taking a Supervision NVQ

There are a range of benefits to taking supervision NVQs. The most notable of these is that you’ll be eligible for a Gold CSCS Card. 

While experience in a role is obviously important, relevant CSCS cards are increasingly expected by employers in construction. They’re nationally recognised, and show employers that you’re undoubtedly competent in certain areas. 

With a supervision NVQ, and with a CSCS Gold Card, you’ll be increasing your opportunities for work. This is most certainly a suitable route towards site management roles, but it’s also ideal for progressing your career generally. 

Naturally, this also means you’ll be increasing your earning potential. 

Supervision NVQs with CST Training

We offer three supervision NVQs here at CST Training. The first is the Occupational Work Supervisor Level 3 NVQ. This qualification is aimed at working supervisors who are supervising a specific trade. The NVQ will be specifically related to your trade area. 

Secondly, there’s the supervision NVQ we offer is Construction Work Supervisor Level 3. This NVQ is aimed at technical staff, buyers, planners, estimators, surveyors, and design coordinators. 

Finally, we offer the Site Supervision Level 3 NVQ. This is aimed at site supervisors who supervise in one of the six available pathways. 

Why Choose CST Training?

You can complete our NVQs in just four to 12 weeks, if you’re willing to work with your assessor. This is a far more efficient timeframe than most providers. 

There are also multiple finance options available, and that goes for all of our NVQs. You can pay half when you begin the NVQ and pay the other half upon completion. On the other hand, there is also a 0% finance option available over 12 months. 

The NVQs we offer are approved by the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) and Ofqual. The awarding body is Proqual. 

You can complete your entire NVQ remotely via our intuitive online portal. 

If you’d like to find out more about our supervision NVQs or to register for one, head here.


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