Guide to Plant NVQs at CST Training

At CST Training, we offer an extensive range of NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications). Many of these are Plant NVQs. Completing one of these qualifications will prove to prospective employers that you’re competent in operating certain plant machinery. You’ll also be able to get your CPCS or NPORS card from red to blue, and that goes for all Plant NVQs. In today’s guide to Plant NVQs, we’ll be breaking down the kinds of Plant NVQs we offer here at CST Training. We’ll also be outlining what’s involved in the process of Plant NVQs.

Which Plant NVQs Do We Offer?

We offer construction plant NVQs from Level 2 to Level 5. When it comes to pricing, all of our Level 2 Plant NVQs cost £650 + VAT, including Slinger Signaler, Excavator, Rear Tipping Dumper, ADT, Concrete Pump Operator, Forward Tipping Dumper, Static Concrete Boom, Ride-on Roller, Loading Shovel, Crawler Dozer, Mobile Crane, Pedestrian Crane, Compact Crane, Crawler Crane, Tower Crane, Gantry Crane, Hoister Operator, and Telehandler. 

The Lifting Supervisor NVQ is Level 4, and costs £1000 + VAT. This NVQ is designed for crane supervisors or supervisors for lifting operations. With this qualification under your belt, you’ll be able to get your CPCS or NPORS card from red to blue. 

The Appointed Person Level 5 NVQ is £1200 + VAT. It’s aimed at those who are planning lift operations and writing lift plans. 

For a full list of the Plant NVQs we offer, you can check out our offering here. Finance options are available; you can pay 50% of your NVQ at the start and the other half upon completion. We also offer 33/33/33 split payments, as well as 0% finance over 12 months with our partner, Knoma.

How Do They Work? 

What makes Plant NVQs so ideal is that they’re all conducted on your work site. This means that you’ll be completing the NVQ in conjunction with your job, so you won’t be missing any work. We make the NVQs as simple as possible, and our assessors will be there to assist you throughout the process. 

Our Plant NVQs tend to take from 6 to 12 weeks. It’s also usually possible for them to be completed in a shorter time frame. This tends to just depend on if you’re willing to work with your assessor, and varies from candidate to candidate. 

Plant NVQs are assessed through a set of knowledge questions. These will either be written or carried out via a discussion. Throughout your NVQ you’ll collect evidence of your work, including site documents. During the process of the course you’ll be provided with a full list of the evidence required. 

You’ll also need to gather a witness testimony, and get it signed by a manager or colleague. Videos will be the initial requirement of the course and then site visits may be conducted if necessary. The NVQ will be conducted remotely unless it’s absolutely necessary to conduct a site visit.

To register for a Plant NVQ, all you need is your ID and your CPCS card (or equivalent).

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