CITB SEATS: All You Need to Know

The CITB SEATS (Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme) is designed for managers or supervisors, and provides an overview of environmental issues on construction sites. SEATS is accredited by the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), and once you complete the online course, you’ll have your SEATS certification for five years.

But what else is there to know about the CITB SEATS course? Read on for an overview of the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme, and why you should take it with CST Training. 

CITB SEATS: An Overview 

Required by most major contractors, the CITB SEATS course provides all relevant environmental knowledge in regards to construction sites. The content is thorough, providing an up to date overview of all relevant legislation, as well as industry best practices. 

By the end of the course, you’ll not only be able to identify the environmental impacts of the work on a construction site, but you’ll know how to control and minimise them, too. Similarly, you’ll also be able to pinpoint environmental opportunities for improvement.

The course is assessed via an exam. The pass mark for this exam is 80%, which equates to 24 marks out of 30. 

Your certification will be valid for five years. To renew it for another five years, you’ll need to retake the course before the certification’s expiry date. 

Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme: The Outcomes

The aims and objectives of the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme are extensive. They include, but are not limited to: dealing with heritage and archaeology on a construction site, waste management (specifically classifying, segregating, and properly disposing of waste), environmental management systems, pollution controls, minimising disturbance to neighbours, and managing contamination.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be able to implement environmental management systems on a construction site, and acknowledge the importance of being a responsible contractor and ‘good neighbour’. 

Requirements for CITB SEATS

There aren’t actually any formal requirements for taking the CITB SEATS course, but it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s designed for construction supervisors and managers. So, if you work in construction but you’re not quite at the level of supervisor/manager, there may be other more relevant courses to look into.

Take CITB Seats with CST Training

Right here at CST Training, we offer the CITB SEATS course online. Delivered over Zoom with a live tutor, the course takes one day to complete (8:30am to 5pm), and costs £160 +VAT. For a list of our upcoming dates, check out the SEATS page on our website

Other CITB Health and Safety Courses

CST Training offers a number of other CITB health and safety courses. These include the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS), Temporary Works (both Supervisor and Coordinator), and Health & Safety Awareness (HSA). 

All of these courses can be completed online with CST Training, and for most of our health and safety courses, they can also be taken in person.





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