Business Skills: Courses with CST Training

CST Training offers a wide variety of courses to help you further your career. Many of these courses, which can be purchased individually, in bundles, or in packages,  are essential business skills courses.

The following blog will highlight just a handful of the courses that can help you develop essential business skills. 

Business Skills Courses: SEO for Business

SEO is one of the only ways to make your business’s website and content stand out. 90% of online searches in the UK go through Google. So, to get eyes on your content, your best route is learning how Google actually works. 

The rules of SEO are largely unwritten, and constantly changing. But with this course, you’ll learn all the techniques required to reach the number one search engine spot.

The main areas covered by this course include link-building and on-site SEO. But you’ll also learn how to benefit your SEO through social media. As well as this, the course will help you understand how to make the most of local searches. 

Head to CST Training’s website today to find out more about SEO for Business.

Facebook for Business

Regardless of your target audience, the majority are likely to be on Facebook. The Facebook for Business course will teach you how to use this particular social media platform to reach potential customers. 

Facebook is often the easiest way for customers to contact a business. People rarely want to speak on the phone if they don’t need to, and emails can go unanswered for days. Setting up your business’s Facebook page will let customers know that they can expect a speedy reply. 

Register for the Facebook for Business course today on our website. 

Twitter for Business

Similar to the Facebook for Business course, this course focuses on Twitter. Setting up an effective Twitter presence for your business is a bigger commitment than setting up a Facebook presence. You’ll likely need to be posting far more than on Facebook, and be far more interactive with your customers.

Many of these interactions will take place in the public eye, so maintaining consistency is key. It can be easy to get drowned out on Twitter. But this course will help you to promote your brand in 280 characters or less. 

Find out more on our website

Alcohol Personal Licence Holder

The Alcohol Personal Licence Holder course provides an overview on the alcohol licensing laws in the United Kingdom. A British business requires a licence before they can legally sell any alcohol. 

The course will outline the four key licensing objectives. These include applications, conditions, representations, and reviews. You’ll also learn about your legal duties as a personal licence holder. 

Temporary Event Notices, as well as mandatory conditions, are also required for licence holders, so these will be covered too. 

Head to the CST Training website to sign up for the Alcohol Personal Licence Holder course. This course, along with all the other courses listed, are completed entirely online through the CST Training portal.







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