Stonemason Level 2 NVQ 


  • Hassle-Free Bricklaying Level 2 NVQ for Experienced Stonemasons.
  • Payment methods including 0% Finance available over 10 months
  • Apply for your Blue CSCS Card when you finish your NVQ
  • Get your NVQ completed quickly & remotely in just 4 – 8 weeks
  • CITB Approved NVQ

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4 – 8 Weeks

Gather the evidence and complete your NVQ quickly.


Pay 50% at the start of the NVQ & 50% upon completion. Or Split the cost over 3 payments 

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Blue CSCS Card

Apply for your blue card at the end of the NVQ.

CITB Approved NVQ

Approved by OfQual & CITB. We use a number of awarding bodies including NOCN, GQA, SQA and ProQual.

Starting the NVQ

To get started you will need to complete our registration form, 

As a minimum, you will need a copy of your photo ID.

The NVQ can be started on any day.

During the NVQ

Complete your NVQ in 4 – 8 weeks Using our Online Portfolio System

Your dedicated NVQ assessor will help you complete:


  1. A set of knowledge questions – you can write these or have a discussion with your assessor.
  2. Gain a witness testimony. We will provide you with the document. 
  3. Gather copies of site documents
  4. Take photos & videos of you carrying out the work on your site.

completing your NVQ

This can be completed in 4 weeks as long as you are prepared to work with your assessor and gather the correct evidence. 

Once completed you will receive your NVQ diploma which is approved by CITB.

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What Is a NVQ?
What is the Process?
What Workplace Evidence Will I Need to Gather?
Tell Me More
Payment Plans
Grants & Funding
Blue CSCS Card
Awarding Bodies

An NVQ is an internationally recognised work-based qualification. It demonstrates to employees that you are skilled and able to perform well in your role.

NVQs are work and practical based qualifications. You will gather workplace evidence and complete knowledge questions to demonstrate your ability.

  • Complete an induction with your assessor
  • Gather workplace evidence
  • Gain a witness testimony from a competent person
  • Complete your knowledge questions
  • You may need to complete written case studies (Reflective accounts)
  • Complete a professional discussion with your assessor

To complete this NVQ you must provide copies of documentation from your work site. Examples of workplace evidence which you can provide are: 

  • Toolbox talks
  • RAMS
  • Drawings
  • Briefings
  • Job sheets
  • Material orders
  • Safety walkaround reports


  • We use a purpose-built online portfolio system
  • The NVQ is completed remotely
  • Get access to a range of e-learning resources
  • We simplify the whole process from start to finish
  • You will have a dedicated industry professional assessor
  • We cover the whole of the UK
  • Our NVQs are CITB & OfQual approved and we use a number of awarding bodies including NOCN, GQA, SQA and ProQual.
  • Plan 1 - Payment in full - If you choose to pay for your NVQ in full, we will discount the overall cost by 10%
  • Plan 2 - 50% At The Start of the NVQ & 50% Upon Completion
  • Plan 3 - 33% At The Start of the NVQ, 33% After 1 Month & 33% Upon Completion of the NVQ
  • Finance - We offer 0% Finance Available Over 10 Months. Split the cost over 10 months with our interest-free finance. Please ask for more details. Or visit this link - Click Here.

Claim up to £1,500 per NVQ Achievement as long as you are a CITB Levy Payer and not behind on your payments. It’s as simple as that. Click here to find out more.

To apply for a Blue CSCS Card you need to have a relevant level 2 NVQ qualification for your role and have completed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test (HS&E).

If you have not completed a relevant level 2 NVQ, you cannot get a Blue CSCS Card. A level 2 NVQ qualification provides evidence to prove your competency and skill within your job role.

Our NVQs are CITB & OfQual approved and we use a number of awarding bodies including:

  • SQA
  • GQA
  • ProQual
  • NOCN

Your awarding body will be assigned to you, however, if you prefer a specific awarding body, you can select it.

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