Tiling NVQ Level 2: Benefits Of A Career In Tiling

CST Training offers a wide array of construction NVQs. Just one of these courses is the Tiling NVQ Level 2. There are a multitude of benefits to completing tiling courses, whether you’re aiming to be self-employed or on-site.

The following blog will break down why you should complete a Tiling NVQ with CST Training.

Tiling NVQ Level 2: Earn a Respectable Living 

There can be quite a bit of money in tiling, whether you’re self-employed or on-site. Once you’ve gained a reputation for your work, you could be earning over £500 in just a few days. An NVQ with CST Training is one of the fastest ways to further your potentially lucrative tiling career.  

The average salary for a tiler tends to start at £17,000, but experienced tilers can make over £32,000. 

Room for Progression

There is plenty of room for progression once you’ve established yourself as a tiler. With a couple years of experience and some extra training, you could reach a number of higher level roles. Just a handful of these roles include site supervisor, estimator, clerk of works, or contract manager. 

As you gain more experience, you could also become an assessor or trainer on tiling courses. 


With the right amount of experience and reputation, you could set up your own tiling business. Many people are drawn to the self-employed lifestyle, because it allows them to work their own hours. Many just aren’t suited to a 9-5, and if you’re self-employed, your work-life balance can be dictated purely by yourself.

Being your own boss has a number of advantages. If you have the wherewithal to run your own business, you’ll have far more flexibility in your work. As long as you can meet your customers’ needs, you’ll be able to work only when it suits your schedule.

It also means you can work from anywhere, whether that’s from your own office or from your home. There are a number of benefits to being able to work from anywhere, as has been proven by the pandemic. 

Complete Your Tiling NVQ Level 2 Remotely 

Speaking of working from home- the Tiling Level 2 NVQ can be completed remotely. This offers you full control over your learning, and allows you to work at your own pace. You’ll complete the NVQ in as much time as you need. Usually just four to eight weeks are required, which is far faster than other Tiling courses offering the same qualification. 

Apply for a Blue CSCS Card

Once you’ve completed a Tiling Level 2 NVQ, you can apply for a Blue CSCS Card. Also known as a Skilled Worker card, this card is required to work on most construction sites. Holding a Blue CSCS card proves to employers that you can work to industry standards

Without having completed a Level 2 NVQ or apprenticeship, you will not be able to obtain a Blue card. 

The Blue card is valid for five years, after which time it will need to be renewed for £30.


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