Supervisor NVQs: Which Level Is Right For You?

We offer a number of supervisor NVQs here at CST Training. But which level is right for you? 

Supervisor (or supervision) NVQs will solidify your ability to supervise staff, allowing you to advance your career in construction. On a broader basis, supervisor NVQs are designed to ensure a worker has the qualifications/cards to reflect their experience and knowledge. We offer three types of supervisor roles, though. These include the Occupational Work Supervisor Level 3, the Construction Contracting Operations Level 3, and the Site Supervision Level 4.

So, who should take which National Vocational Qualification? Today’s blog will tell you all you need to know. 

Who Should Take Which Supervisor NVQ? 

The first supervisor NVQ we offer is the Occupational Work Supervisor Level 3. This course is aimed at working supervisors who are supervising a specific trade. The work the NVQ covers will depend on the work that you supervise (whether that’s bricklaying, groundworks, or whatever else). 

The second supervisor NVQ is the Construction Contracting Operations Level 3. This course is designed for technical staff, estimators, buyers, planners, surveyors, & design co-ordinators, but there is also a general pathway. 

The Site Supervision Level 4 is for site supervisors & forepersons who supervise work in one of the six pathways available. These supervisors oversee multiple trades and are likely to be supervising much larger areas of the site or the full site. This is a more advanced NVQ than the courses at Level 3.

Benefits of Taking a Supervisor NVQ

There are a wide range of benefits to taking supervisor NVQs. The most notable of these is that you’ll be working towards your Gold CSCS Card. Upon completion of the NVQ, you’ll be eligible to apply. The Gold CSCS Card will show prospective employers that you can supervise to, literally, the gold standard in your trade. While the NVQ itself can boost your career, more and more employers are looking for CSCS cards.

Completing a supervisor NVQ can also drastically improve your earning potential. 

Why Take Supervisor NVQs with CST Training? 

So, why choose CST Training? Most of our NVQs can be completed within eight to 16 weeks, but this can often be far shorter. It just depends how much time you can dedicate to the NVQ per week. If you’re willing to work with your assessor, this is a far more efficient timeframe than with most providers.

We offer a number of finance options, and that goes for all of our NVQs. You can pay half when you start the NVQ, and pay the other half upon completion. You can also choose the 0% finance option, which is available over 12 months. 

All of our NVQs are approved by the relevant official bodies, including the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) and Ofqual. 

Another benefit of taking supervisor NVQs with CST Training is that all of the ‘paperwork’ can be filed remotely. Using our handy online portal, you can complete the NVQ entirely online. The actual work will be done on site, of course, but there are no physical hand-ins. All you really need to complete the course is a good internet connection. This means that you can start the NVQ on the same day you sign up. 






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