Roofing NVQ Level 3: Why You Should Take A Roofing NVQ

CST Training offers a wide range of NVQs, primarily in construction. One such NVQ is the Roofing NVQ Level 3, which is aimed at experienced roofers. There are a number of benefits to completing a roofing course, and with CST, you could be qualified in just 6-10 weeks.

The following blog will break down why you should take a Roofing NVQ, and why you should choose CST Training. 

Roofing NVQ Level 3: Make a Solid Wage

The average pay for a roofer is considerable, with wages similar to those with university degrees. Having a Level 3 NVQ under your belt will provide you with more opportunities for higher paying roofing jobs. The more skills you acquire, the more you’re displaying your value to employers. 

Like with most jobs, the hourly wage can vary depending on location. But, generally, roofing is a gainful position to hold.

Variety in Your Work

Another benefit of completing a Roofing NVQ is the variety of work that it’ll make available. Prior to your NVQ you might have been limited in which jobs you could take. But after completing Level 3, you’ll be able to accept all manner of roofing work.

The job sites you work at will vary, as will the type of roofing you’re working with. A Level 3 NVQ will ensure that you know the differences between the processes for, say, wood shingles and EPDM. 

Learn Other Skills 

Throughout your NVQ you’ll learn numerous technical skills, many of which will apply to jobs elsewhere in the industry. For example, a number of the tools you’ll use as a roofer would be used in other construction roles. By the end of your NVQ, you’ll have mastered each of these tools, providing you with many transferable skills. 

You’ll also be flexing your critical thinking skills. If you’d previously struggled with making calculations, they’ll feel like easy tasks once you’ve finished your NVQ.

Prove Your Worth to Employers

Completing a Level 3 Roofing NVQ will show employers that you’re up to the task of any roofing job. It’ll prove that you work to the industry’s health and safety standards, and practise quality workmanship.

A Roofing NVQ will also prove that you practise sound methodology when it comes to specific tools and products.

Roofing NVQ Level 3: Why CST Training?

CST Training offers the Level 3 Roofing NVQ with zero hassle. The qualification can be completed in just 6-10 weeks. And with CST, you can complete it entirely remotely with our online portfolio system. This allows you to gather evidence at your own pace, and without taking time off work. 

You can pay the first half when you begin the NVQ, and the second half when you complete it. A more flexible option is available if required, though; you can split the cost over three payments.

Once you’ve completed the NVQ, you’ll be eligible for the CSCS Gold Card. The Gold Card shows employers that you can supervise personnel within a construction environment. It’s valid for five years, at which point it can be renewed.





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