Remote NVQ Benefits: Why Learning Online Might Be For You

Here at CST Training, we offer a number of NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications), the majority of which are in construction. Most of our courses can be completed entirely remotely via our online portal. There are a range of remote NVQ benefits, and the following blog will outline the most notable of these. We’ll also be going over why CST Training is the best choice for all remote NVQs

Mental Health: Remote NVQ Benefits

It doesn’t really matter how much you enjoy your course, or your job. Needing to work in-person all week can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. While there are certainly benefits to being in person, more and more people are pushing for a hybrid balance. 

When it comes to NVQs, being able to work to your own schedule is hugely beneficial. This is especially true if you’re completing your course while in full-time employment. Completing an NVQ in the environment you’re most comfortable with will naturally be as relaxing as possible.  

More Flexible than In-Person Learning

A clear benefit of learning remotely is the increased flexibility that it provides. It means that you can progress through the course on your own schedule, rather than the fixed schedule of classes. You’ll be learning at your own pace, and you won’t have to commute to a specific place at a specific time.

You might be worried, learning remotely, that you’ll procrastinate too much. But CST Training will provide you with an expert assessor, and they’ll help to keep you on the right track. No need to get overwhelmed. 

Saves on Costs: Remote NVQ Benefits

The costs of working or learning in person can really stack up. One of the most notable costs would be the travel. Regardless of how you travel, costs aren’t going down anytime soon. Working remotely completely eliminates these costs.

But even if you can get to work without putting a dent in your bank account, there are other costs. Most people will inevitably spend more money if they’re working in, say, a city. Even if you bring your lunch with you every day, there will likely be other small expenses stacking up. 

Work Wherever You Want

If you have a decent computer and a strong internet connection, you can essentially work anywhere. If you’re in the mood to switch up the environment in which you’re working, you can do so. Wherever you’re most comfortable, that can be your workspace- whether that’s at home or in your nearest coffee shop.

Why Complete Remote NVQs with CST Training?

There are a number of reasons you should choose CST Training for your NVQs. With CST, you can complete most NVQs in between four to eight weeks. This is far faster than the timeframe offered by competitors- if you’re willing to work with your assessor, that is. 

Throughout the course of your NVQ, your dedicated assessor will help you complete each section. This includes a set of knowledge questions, and a witness testimony.

We Offer A Wide Range Of E-Learning Courses

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