Prince2: How the Courses Work

Eager to get into project management? Look no further than Prince2. These courses, which we offer right here at CST Training, are designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge in regards to successfully delivering projects

‘Prince’ stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, and in today’s blog, we’ll be telling you all you need to know, including the difference between Prince2 Foundation & Prince2 Practitioner, and the difference between Prince2 6th Edition & Prince2 Agile.

The Basics

Prince2 courses can be completed entirely online, and will provide you with all of the knowledge, and the resources (including the Prince2 official manual), you need to deliver successful projects in a project management role. Every facet of project management is covered, including time, costs, risks, quality, and how to close a project and review it. 

Who is Prince2 Aimed At?

There are different types of Prince 2 courses (which we’ll get into in a second), but each of them is aimed at people who are either currently in a project management role, or are eager to move into such a role. 

Prince2 Foundation Explained

If you’re new to project management and are looking for a place to start, the Foundation course is for you. This course will provide you with all of the terminology, principles, and knowledge required in order to become not just a project manager, but a successful project manager. With a Foundation qualification under your belt, you’ll be able to begin your project management career with both confidence and skill.

Prince2 Practitioner Explained

The Prince2 Practitioner course is designed for those who currently have responsibilities and experience pertaining to the delivery of projects. This course would usually be taken by those who have already achieved the Prince2 Foundation qualification, and are looking to further their knowledge when it comes to project management. 

Essentially, Practitioner will go more in-depth in regards to the principles, themes, processes, and the worked examples of Prince2. Taking this course will provide you with extremely useful practical knowledge. Basically, if you’re hoping to eventually snag a senior project management position, then you’re going to want the Practitioner course on your CV.

What’s the Difference Between 6th Edition and Agile?

There are two other kinds of Prince2 courses offered here at CST Training, those being the 6th Edition course and the Agile course. 6th Edition is aimed at both new and experienced professionals, and works on a plan-based approach. It’s widely regarded, by companies in the UK and abroad, as the benchmark of project management. You should take the 6th Edition course if your company process is more focused on delivering the end goal of a project. 

Agile, on the other hand, is suited to new and experienced professionals who work in fast paced, ever-evolving Agile Project Environments. It focuses more on short-term, incremental objectives, using a methodology that is both more responsive and more flexible. This course is ideal for those who like having continual involvement in specific projects, and is often favoured by those in sectors with a focus on technology. 


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