The Difference Between PRINCE2® 6th Edition And PRINCE2 Agile®

As part of our wide range of training courses, CST Training offers both PRINCE2 6th Edition and PRINCE2 Agile. Both are project management training courses, but what’s the difference between the two? The following blog will tell you all you need to know about PRINCE2 6th Edition and PRINCE2 Agile. We’ll also outline why you should take these courses with CST Training.

PRINCE2 6th Edition 

The PRINCE2 6th Edition courses are best suited to both new and experienced professionals. The globally recognised courses utilise a plan-based approach, and are widely regarded both in the UK and abroad. Just a few of the organisations that have used these PRINCE2 courses include the NHS, IBM, and HP. Around the world, there are over one million PRINCE2 professionals.

The main difference between the 6th Edition and Agile is that the 6th is more so the formal principles of PRINCE2. It’s effectively the standard version of the course, for projects that go from A to Z without much deviation. Compared to Agile, 6th Edition is more a predictive, plan-based approach to projects. Agile is an adaptive approach.


Naturally, the PRINCE2 Agile courses are similar in scope to the PRINCE2 6th Edition courses. They’re best suited to both new and experienced professionals, but specifically those who work in agile project environments.

The Agile courses focus on using short term, incremental objectives. For those working in agile project environments, it tends to be a more flexible methodology. Consider yourself a forward thinker? Someone who likes to have continual involvement in projects? The Agile courses might just be for you. 

The sectors in which these qualifications are most highly favoured tend to be technology-focused, such as banking and finance. 

Foundation, Practitioner, and F&P Bundle Deal

For both the 6th Edition and Agile courses, there are two different levels: Foundation, and Practitioner. For the Foundation classes, you’ll have three choices. Firstly, you can take the course via a virtual classroom, which takes two and a half days. Secondly, you can choose the e-learning course, for which you’ll have one year’s access. Finally there is the day release option, which will last three weeks. The course includes an exam, a free resit, and a manual. 

For the Practitioner classes, you can choose the virtual classroom option, which lasts one and a half days. Or, you can choose the day release option, which lasts two weeks. As with the Foundation course, the Practitioner course includes an exam, a free resit, and an official manual.

You can also buy the Foundation and Practitioner Bundle Deal, for either 6th Edition or Agile. This, as you probably guessed, includes both the Foundation course and the Practitioner course rolled into one. In this instance there are two options. Firstly, you can take the virtual classroom, which takes four days. Alternatively you can take the day release option, which would last four weeks. 

PRINCE2 6th Edition & PRINCE2 Agile: Why Take PRINCE2 with CST Training? 

There are a number of reasons you should consider CST Training for your PRINCE2 course or courses. We help thousands of candidates every year to meet their educational goals. Our model is proven across a variety of industries, and across all courses, we have a 98% pass rate. All of our industry expert tutors are patient, flexible, and experienced educators.


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