Plant NVQs: What’s The Process?

Here at CST Training, we have a wide range of NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) on offer. A number of these courses are Plant NVQs. With one of these NVQs under your belt, you’re proving to employers that you are competent in operating plant machinery. 

There are a number of different Plant NVQs available from CST Training. These include 360 Excavator, Rear/Forward Tipping Dumper, ADT, Ride On Roller, Telehandler, Concrete Plump, Hoist Operator, and Loading Shovel. For a full list of the Plant NVQs we offer, head to our website

The following blog will outline what’s involved in the process of Plant NVQs. Secondly, we’ll discuss why CST Training is your best bet when it comes to any NVQs. Finally, we’ll touch on all of the benefits of completing these courses.

What’s the Process?

For each of our Plant NVQs, you can expect to complete them in between 6 to 12 weeks. They can take longer, but if you’re willing to do the work, you could be done in under six weeks. Don’t feel discouraged if it’s taking you longer, though. You can complete the NVQ entirely at your own pace, so there’s no rush. Some Plant NVQs also tend to take less or more time than the others, depending on what’s expected.

To achieve your qualification, you’ll be completing a number of knowledge questions. These can either be written, or discussed with your assessor. You’ll need to gather evidence of your work, and a witness testimony signed by a colleague or by another manager. 

Throughout your course, we’ll complete two video site visits. We can also gain evidence via videos taken by yourself. As well as this, we can carry out discussions about your work. 

Why Take Plant NVQs With CST Training? 

There are a number of reasons you should take your NVQ with CST Training. The courses can be completed entirely remotely, because they’re conducted on your site. This means that you won’t need to miss any work to complete one of these NVQs.

We try to make the NVQs as simple and as accessible as possible. If you’re struggling at any point, your assessor will provide you with any assistance you need.

You can take our Plant NVQs regardless of where you’re based in the United Kingdom. Also, if you intend to take more than one NVQ, you could get a great deal buying multiple at once. 

Individually, a Level 2 NVQ costs £650 plus VAT. A Level 4 NVQ costs £1000 plus VAT, while a Level 5 NVQ costs £1200 plus VAT. You can pay 50% upon starting your course, and pay the rest upon completion. 

What are the Benefits of Completing a Plant NVQ?

There are a range of benefits to completing a Plant NVQ. It will prove to employers that you are competent with certain machinery. As well as this, you’ll also be eligible for a Blue CSCS Card.

Completing a Plant NVQ will increase your opportunities for work, not only in the UK but across the world. It will also increase your salary potential. Given you can complete the courses without missing any work, they’re a great way to boost your career.  

We Offer Plant NVQs To All Those Eligible

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