How A Plant NVQ Can Help Your Career

A Plant NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) is a qualification which, upon completion, shows that you are competent in plant machinery. The exact type of plant machinery can vary depending on which course you choose, ranging from fork lift trucks to excavators. 

The Plant Operations NVQs are Level 2 qualifications, and are recognised in the construction industry at a national level. They are designed to prove that you have gained the necessary skills to operate the machinery in question. There are a number of other benefits to completing a Plant Operations NVQ, namely that you’ll receive a Blue CPCS Card. 

What Does a Plant NVQ Entail?

When you enrol in a Plant Operations NVQ, you will be paired with an assessor, who will carry out your initial induction. Your assessor will then help you to work on your portfolio, and together you will draw up the ways through which you’re going to be completing each of the units. 

As you’re completing the qualification, your assessor will be keeping track of your progress by requesting your answers to specific written questions, carrying out professional discussions, generating evidence via the workplace, witness testimonials, and by simply observing. 

Benefits of Completing a Plant NVQ

Completing a Plant Operations NVQ will not only prove to employers that you have the required skills to operate certain machinery, but upon completion you will also receive a Blue Competent Operator Card (Blue CPCS Card). This will be your tangible proof that you are competent with certain machinery. 

There are a number of other advantages to completing a Plant Operations NVQ, aside from the qualifications themselves. They can be carried out within your own time, and once completed, the qualification will last your entire life (although you’ll need to renew it every five years). If you’re completing any Plant Operations NVQs at Level 2, you will likely be eligible for a CITB Skills and Training Fund or Grant. 

The completion of a Plant Operations NVQ will increase your opportunities for work both within the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world. Likewise, it will increase your salary potential. An NVQ at this level proves to employers that you are complying with CDM (Construction Design and Management) regulations, and that you are committed to professional development. 

Blue CPCS Card Explained

A CPCS card is a card that proves your competency in certain areas of construction, and there are several different types of cards available depending on where you are in your career. The Blue card specifically pertains to your ability to operate machinery. To gain the Blue CPCS Card, you must already have a Red CPCS Card, proving that you are a trained operator. 

Completing a Plant Operations NVQ will also entail carrying out a CITB health, safety, and environment test. 

Types of Plant NVQs

There are a range of different types of Plant Operations NVQs you can enrol in, and each will take between four to eight weeks to complete.

The Plant NVQs available include 360 Excavator, ADT, Rear/Forward Tipping Dumper, Telehandler, Ride On Roller, Hoist Operator, Concrete Plump, Static Concrete Boom, and Loading Shovel. 



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