Online NVQs: How Do They Work?

Online NVQs are a great way to fast-track career progression, and we offer a wide variety here at CST Training. There are a litany of benefits to choosing online NVQs. And it’s not just construction NVQs we offer; we also have business management courses.

But how do online NVQs actually work, and what are the benefits of learning remotely? Today’s blog will outline everything you need to know about completing National Vocational Qualifications online. 

How Do Online NVQs Work? 

First thing’s first! If you’re keen to take an online NVQ, have a look at our complete list. Once you’ve chosen the best NVQ to suit your role, simply follow the steps required for your specific NVQ. You’ll complete a registration form- we’ll require proof of photo ID.

Once you’re successfully registered, you’ll be able to start completing your NVQ immediately. You’ll progress through the NVQ via our online portfolio system. The length of time required to complete NVQs tends to be between eight to 16 weeks, but this can vary. It depends both on the specific qualification, and how much time you can spend on the NVQ each week. 

Your dedicated NVQ assessor will provide you with all the assistance you need. With their help, you’ll be completing four different steps. The first step is a set of knowledge questions, which can be written, or take the form of a discussion. You’ll also have to gain a witness testimony, for which we’ll provide the document. You’ll then need to gather copies of site documents, and take photos & videos of you carrying out your work. The final step will be a professional discussion with your assessor to talk through the evidence you’ve uploaded. Then you’ll have completed your NVQ.

There is no expiry date for these courses. Once you’ve gained access, you’ll have access for life. Our NVQs can be completed at entirely your own pace. 

Once the NVQ is complete, you’ll receive your ProQual NVQ Diploma, which is approved by CITB.

Benefits of Choosing Online NVQs 

There are a number of benefits to taking NVQs remotely. Let’s take a look at why online NVQs are the ideal choice. 

Work Wherever You Want

Online NVQs mean that you can essentially complete them wherever you want. The actual work will be done on site, of course, but there are no physical hand-ins. This means that the ‘paperwork’ aspect of the NVQ can be completed wherever you have a decent internet connection. 

More Flexibility

If you were completing your NVQ in person, you’d need to commute to a specific location at a specific time. Completing your NVQ online means that you can progress whenever, wherever, and in whichever time frame suits. You’ll be learning at your own pace, and can personalise your learning path without getting overwhelmed. 

Better for Your Mental Health

Remote learning is also an ideal choice when it comes to prioritising your mental health. The same goes for all remote work, really. Across the board, online NVQs tend to be less stressful than in-person classes. It means you can work in an environment you’re already comfortable in. 





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