Importance Of an Occupational Health & Safety NVQ

Employees have the right, legally, to feel healthy and safe while they are at their workplace. While it can appear as if health and safety in the workplace is a responsibility and a burden to company owners, it has efficiency and loyalty benefits. In order to build a healthy organisational culture, company leaders must recognise that a secure environment is a central component.

Health & Safety NVQ

Many companies will recognise that it is a natural priority to avoid injuries and possible job deaths. Many safety concerns do not emerge from nefarious motives, but come because organisations cut corners and do not have the time to adequately educate their workers on safety procedures.

Workplace Safety In the Construction Industry

The construction industry is definitely one of the most risky workplaces, but with adequate health and safety policies, the vast majority of its related hazards can be eliminated. Building sites also need workers to work at a height, carry heavy loads, control massive equipment, and work with rugged materials, and many more. Risks involved with these working practises can be greatly minimised by implementing appropriate health and welfare policies in place and by ensuring that the workforce is aware of these policies.

Occupational Health & Safety NVQ Benefits

  • Recognised Globally

The NVQ Level 6 is accepted globally as a professional health and safety qualification for Health & Safety Managers and Supervisors.


  • Work Based Learning

Vocational qualifications are employers’ favoured learning style, an employee’s skill and competency is measured and proven by external trained assessors “on the job”


  • Career Progression

Having this NVQ can allow your professional development to further and can make you more attractive to future employers.


  • No Examinations

Without needing to sit an exam, you can complete a degree level certification. Level 6 NVQ is the equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree on the UK certification basis and is dependent on proof of the day-to-day jobs you provide. 

Employee Safety

A company which operates in an unsafe environment can decrease public perception. Whether it be an employer or a potential customer for the company, being able to provide an occupational health and safety nvq is an excellent way to show competence and that you are able to carry out your job in the correct, safe, manner. Customers are not likely to have seen employees working on the construction site before so having that occupational health and safety nvq is a simple way to provide a recognisable qualification that shows the employee can carry out day to day health and safety efficiently.

Who is the NVQ course for?

The purpose of this course is to provide comprehensive learning that installs a strong practical understanding of occupational health and safety management. The Occupational Health And Safety NVQ level 6 course is directed at those in charge of establishing and successfully enforcing day-to-day health and safety policies within their workplace. They may be a staff member, supervisor or manager looking to improve their knowledge and skills. Completion of this NVQ will allow you to apply for a Black CSCS Managers card.

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