NVQ Level 7: Who Should Take Level 7?

The NVQ Level 7 in construction is aimed at senior management. It’s competence-based, just like any other National Vocational Qualification. Holding an NVQ Level 7 proves that you are both competent and qualified in the construction industry, specifically in management. CST Training offers the Level 7 in Construction Senior Management, which can be completed in just eight to 12 weeks. 

But who should take the NVQ Level 7, and what are the other benefits of holding the qualification? The following blog will answer both of these questions and more.

Level 7 NVQ: Who Should Take It?

If you work in or want to work in senior management in construction, this NVQ is designed for you.

Looking to develop your technical skills, and your understanding and knowledge of your role (or the role you’re hoping for)? Level 7 is the quickest, easiest way to accomplish this, thus furthering your career. 

There are a number of roles that will require this NVQ in the construction industry. Just a handful of these include construction manager, production manager, construction supervisor, commercial manager, operations director, special construction manager, and facilities manager. Anyone in a management position in the construction industry would benefit from a Level 7 NVQ. 

Already been in a management position for years? It’s still well worth registering for this NVQ. At the very least, you’ll be getting your existing skills nationally recognised with a valuable qualification. 

Benefits of Level 7

Whether you’re already in management or that’s where your prospects lie, there are a number of benefits to Level 7. The most obvious benefit is that it’ll help to attract employers.

This NVQ is the practical equivalent of a Masters degree. Employers recognise this. Even if you’ve already been in a management position, they will acknowledge that you’ve gone the extra mile. 

This NVQ will also make you eligible for a Black CSCS Card. This is the card that will further demonstrate your management experience. It will also show employers that you can work to the industry’s safety standards.

Without this card, many major construction companies won’t hire you in senior management. So, even if you’re already working in management, it’s still worthwhile for your career.

The qualification is also highly flexible. You can complete it within your own time, and entirely within your own workplace. You won’t need to take any time off work to complete the NVQ. Even if you’re a full time manager, no time off is required.

The NVQ is a lifetime qualification- it will never run out.

Complete NVQ with CST Training 

The NVQ Level 7 in Construction Senior Management can be completed in just eight to 12 weeks. There are flexible payment plans available. 

Both the CITB and the CSCS have approved the course. The CIOB chartered every single one of our assessors.

CST Training also provides an easy-to-use online portfolio system. This will help you manage all of your work in the same place. 




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