NVQ Level 6: Who Should Take Level 6?

The Level 6 NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) is aimed at senior management, as is the Level 7 NVQ. As with other NVQs, the Level 6 is ideal for those working in construction, because it offers practical, work-based learning. And with CST Training, you can be starting your Level 6 on the same day you register

But how many years of management experience do you need to take the NVQ Level 6? The following blog will outline who should be taking the Level 6, and what the Diploma entails. 

Who Should Take the NVQ Level 6?

If you have at least three years of management experience within the construction industry, you should consider Level 6. If you’d like to further your career prospects with a formal qualification, this is the quickest way to do so. The Level 6 can be carried out completely remotely, meaning you can continue to work full-time while you learn. 

If you’ve completed the Level 5 NVQ, getting your Level 6 will simply be a case of upgrading your qualification. Completing both the Level 5 and the Level 6 separately is often not required. 

If you’re already in a management position, you might be wondering what the point of getting Level 6 would be. But it’s important to remember that, although you may be comfortable in your current managerial role, taking the Level 6 can be a means of furthering your future career. You may not be wanting to climb the ladder quite yet, but when you do, having a Level 6 will help you to get higher level, higher paying roles. 

What Does the NVQ Level 6 Entail?

The average time required for completion is between eight to 12 weeks. If you’re studying at this level, you will put together a work-based portfolio, which is all done remotely. 

You’ll be assessed on this portfolio exclusively- at no point will you need to complete formal exams. This is where the NVQ differs from similar qualifications like the NEBOSH. While the NEBOSH Diploma is also assessed on a work-based project, it’s combined with multiple exams. At CST Training, you’ll be assessed by dedicated industry professionals.

The Level 6 NVQ course provided by CST Training is approved by Ofqual, CSCS, CITB, and CIOB.


If you’re at the right stage in your career, there are many benefits to taking the NVQ Level 6. Study is completely based within your current role, so it will in no way interrupt your job. You won’t need to do any work outside of your job, and it’s almost entirely practical. 

Holding this NVQ will also mean you’re eligible for the GradIOSH and the CMIOSH. You’ll also be eligible for the Black CSCS Card, which will demonstrate your managerial experience. 

If you take the Level 6 with CST, you’ll be paying 50% initially, and then the other 50% upon completion. Or, if you’d prefer a more flexible arrangement, you can pay over three instalments. 

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