How Management NVQs Can Help Develop Your Career

Construction is a high hazard industry which comprises a wide range of activities involving plans, design, constructs, alteration, maintenance, repairs and eventually demolition of buildings, civil engineering works, mechanical and electrical engineering and other similar works. Management NVQs allow you to demonstrate your experience in the industry.

Management NVQs

This highlights the importance of maintaining safety and standard on construction sites throughout and from all workers who are on it. CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme, and it is considered to be one of the most important qualifications you can have in the construction industry.

CSCS Cards

CSCS cards are now a very standard necessity, almost non-negotiable, for those working in the construction sector. With a valid card, even senior positioned workers must prove their qualification. Nowadays it is very common for most construction firms to demand that some type of CSCS card is kept by employees. Although a CSCS card is not a legal necessity, for those working in the construction industry, even those at the senior level, carrying one is a smart decision as it could be asked for. 

Black CSCS Cards

In the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme, a CSCS black card is the management nvq level card. Keeping the card shows that you are skilled, competent and can maintain a managerial role on a building site. It increases your employability and earning opportunities by keeping a black CSCS card. In addition to greater career prospects, when many construction firms are heading towards being fully CSCS qualified, you would be a more valuable benefit to your present workplace.

Employee Safety

Construction companies are normalising using a CSCS card as a method to ensure employees are safely able to carry out the job they are doing and have the qualification to show for it. When it comes to the construction industry, having experience is extremely important. However, with increasing aims to improve quality, standards and safety on construction sites this is why customers, companies and contractors are looking for workers to have completed the credible qualification to prove their competence.

The Level 7 Management NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management is made for senior managers who:

Oversee the entire project

Analyse the company’s strategy and plan future projects

Manage the personal development of the workforce

Analyse projects to identify potential risks

Maintain quality standards throughout the team

Build the team aligned with the requirements of the project

Variety Of Roles

The roles in which this is applicable for, is senior project managers, commercial managers, operations managers, production managers and property and facilities managers.

The benefits of studying for an NVQ is you don’t need any formal qualifications to get started, it proves your practical ability for your future employers, you can earn while you learn, you’ll gain a recognisable qualification and it’s a flexible route into your chosen industry.


With CSCS cards becoming the norm for companies to require in the construction industry, this proves why it is nearly essential for senior managers to have one. Providing the card proves your competency and acts as a credible qualification to carry out the purposes of your role in seniority. Gaining a CSCS card is beneficial to your current role but it also allows for you to have an advantage for any future role or career choices.

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