ILM Courses: How Can Their Qualifications Benefit You?

Included in our extensive range of opportunities here at CST Training are a number of ILM courses. ILM is the Institute of Leadership and Management, which is a proven, accredited educational system built to strengthen leaders in management and coaching. Roughly 70,000 people complete ILM courses each year, and 93% of employers noticed an improvement in their managers after they achieved a qualification. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be breaking down the different levels of ILM qualifications you can achieve, and the benefits of taking these courses.

ILM Courses Explained

Qualifications from ILM begin at Level 2, which is best suited to team leaders. The highest level available is Level 7, which is ideal for those in senior managerial positions. You can achieve each course at Award, Certificate, and Diploma status. We also offer ILM NVQs- more on that in a second. 

The levels are specified by regulatory frameworks, each equating broadly to different levels of manager roles. ILM levels are also indicative of the course’s complexity. The higher the level, the more comprehensive the course will be. 

ILM Courses with CST Training

The ILM courses we offer here at CST Training include awards, certificates, diplomas, and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs). For the awards, certificates, and diplomas, the courses are study & training based qualifications, and are assessed via assignments. The NVQs are work and practical based qualifications, meaning you’ll be gathering workplace evidence and answering knowledge questions to demonstrate your abilities. 

For a full list of the ILM courses we offer and the requirements for each, check out our ILM courses and NVQs page.

Benefits of ILM Courses

There are a plethora of benefits to taking the ILM courses with CST Training. The following are just a handful of those benefits. 

Develop Your Management and Leadership Skills

These courses exist to improve your management and leadership skills. The specific skills you’ll be building on in order to become a better leader include communication, motivational techniques, and resilience. All of these skills will boost your ability to inspire those you’re managing. Your capabilities as a manager will be improved at every level of business.

Boosts Your Employability 

With the assortment of skills you’ll be acquiring throughout an ILM course, you’ll also naturally be boosting your hiring potential. Someone with an ILM qualification is far more likely to climb the management ladder. And if you’re not satisfied with your current managerial role, getting an ILM will make it far easier to transition to a different role. 

When employers are struggling to decide which candidate should be selected for a manager role, it often comes down to the qualifications of each candidate. In situations like these, an ILM under your belt will put you in great stead. 

Builds Your Confidence 

This will come as no surprise, but these courses will massively build your confidence in your role, and any future role. When it comes to leadership positions, confidence is absolutely vital. Taking one of these courses will give you the means to make important decisions without doubting yourself and without hesitating.


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