GradIOSH Status Benefits: What’s In It For You?

One of the many reasons people take our Level 6 Health and Safety NVQ is for GradIOSH eligibility. A great way to enhance your career opportunities, GradIOSH status can lead to a number of benefits. But what are the many GradIOSH status benefits? In today’s blog, we’ll be breaking down all of the reasons you might want to become eligible for GradIOSH status. Then, we’ll be outlining how to become eligible. 

What is GradIOSH Status? 

Before getting into GradIOSH status, you first need to know about IOSH itself. IOSH is the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety, which was set up back in 1945. This institution is the biggest health and safety membership organisation in the world. GradIOSH is equivalent to the European Qualification Framework (EQF) Level 6. 

If you’re in health and safety and you’re looking for a boost to your job prospects, IOSH is the way to go. There are seven membership levels to IOSH, including GradIOSH, which means Graduate Member. The other levels include Affiliate Member, Associate Member (AIOSH), Technical Member (TechIOSH), Chartered Member (CMIOSH), and Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH).

Each of the seven levels identify qualified health and safety professionals and the experience they’ve acquired in this industry. 

Acquiring GradIOSH Status: Benefits

There are a number of benefits to becoming a Graduate Member of IOSH, and becoming an IOSH member generally. When it comes to the health and safety field, the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety is highly respected. As a member, you’ll be granted post-nominal letters to display your expertise. Employers will be able to see proof of your experience right from the get-go.

Obtaining GradIOSH status can do wonders for your career prospects, especially if you continue on to achieve Chartered Member status. It’s also a great way to expand your personal and professional network. 

Being a Graduate Member will also grant you access to news and policy updates. This would make it easier to stay up to date when it comes to IOSH and H&S in general. Eventually, you could also gain the ability to become a trainer as well, if that’s the direction you’re aiming for. 

There are other benefits to becoming an IOSH member, but those depend on which level you achieve. 

Level 6 Health and Safety NVQ: How to Become Eligible for GradIOSH 

The fastest way into GradIOSH status is via the Level 6 Health and Safety NVQ. We offer the course right here at CST Training. 

The NVQ involves putting together a portfolio of evidence and other relevant information based on your current position. It’s a more practical alternative to the similar NEBOSH Diploma

There are a number of units covered in the Level 6 NVQ. Just a couple of these include promoting a positive health & safety culture, and identifying, assessing, and controlling health & safety risks. 

We offer a very competitive price for the Level 6 Health and Safety NVQ. Plus, if you started the NVQ today, you could be finished in just eight to 12 weeks. 




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