E-Learning Courses With CST Training Explained

Here at CST Training, we offer a wide range of NVQs, many of which can be completed entirely online. But how do online NVQs, and similar qualifications, actually work? The following blog will outline all you need to know about e-learning courses with CST Training. Then we’ll break down why you should take them with our expert team.

How Do E-Learning Courses With CST Work? 

There have always been huge benefits to remote learning and working, and the pandemic just exemplified this. To take an e-learning course with CST Training, head to our main page. There, you’ll be able to browse our large selection of NVQs and other courses. 

Once you’ve decided which course you’d like to take, click ‘Buy Now’, which will take you to our online shop. When you’ve completed your purchase (with one of our multiple finance options), you’ll be emailed a username and a password. Also included in the email will be a link to our learning portal. Click the link and log in (and change your password if you’d like to). Then you’ll be able to start learning. 

Most of our construction NVQs take between four to eight weeks to complete. Throughout your course, you’ll have a dedicated NVQ assessor helping you to gather evidence. This will involve a set of knowledge questions, a witness testimony, copies of site documents, and photos and videos. 

Benefits of Online Courses

There are a number of benefits to learning online. First: flexibility. In-person classes that take place at a specific time every week are simply not ideal for many people. A remote NVQ means you won’t need to take any extra time off work to advance towards your qualification. Learning remotely also allows you to complete the NVQ at your own pace. You can complete the courses in as little as four weeks, but if you need longer, that’s fine too. 

It’s also far more cost-effective. You don’t need to travel anywhere to complete your portfolio, which saves on either fuel or public transport costs.

Why Take E-Learning Courses with CST Training?

We offer a very wide range of NVQs. These include construction NVQs in trade, supervision, management, plant, and health and safety. We also offer business NVQs, and a number of other courses. 

Each of our courses hold a number of accreditations (which differ depending on the course). These include CPD, IATP, RoSPA, IFE, and IIRSM. 

Depending on the level of your course, completing certain NVQs will make you eligible to apply for specific CSCS cards. Holding a CSCS card proves to employers that you can work to the industry standard in specific areas of construction.

We also offer a number of discounts for companies and/or multiple candidates. To discuss your requirements, contact us at admin@localhost/cst. We also offer a number of different package deals.

All you need to do to register for a course is fill in our registration form. You’ll also need a copy of your photo ID. Once you’ve registered, you can start your NVQ at any time. 

We Offer A Wide Range Of E-Learning Courses

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