Demolition NVQ Level 3: What To Expect From A Career In Demolition

One of the many NVQs offered by CST Training is the Demolition NVQ Level 3. It’s the perfect NVQ for experienced demolition operatives who are looking to further their career. With CST Training, the qualification can be completed remotely, and in as little as 6 weeks. 

The following blog will break down where you can expect your career to go once you’ve completed this NVQ.

Skills Required for a Career in Demolition 

If you’re taking the Level 3 NVQ in Demolition, you’ll already be experienced in a demolition role. But throughout the qualification you’ll expand both your knowledge and your skills, and therefore be eligible for higher-level positions. 

You’ll improve your ability to work with your hands, and to keep your focus and patience whilst in stressful situations. You’ll have an emphasised knowledge of public security and safety, and have the ability to use your initiative. Your ability to make decisions, often on the spot, will also improve. 

Tasks Expected of a Demolition Operative

You’ll carry out a litany of tasks working in demolition; there’s a lot more to it than actual demolition. The Level 3 NVQ will help you to master the skills required to perform those tasks, and perform them well. 

Just a handful of those tasks include the following: 

  • Stripping out fittings, removing windows and doors, and dismantling roofs
  • Operating crane-mounted magnets for recovering metals 
  • Safely disposing of hazardous materials 
  • Preparing sites for explosive demolition 

Similarly to most jobs in construction, working in demolition is physically demanding. But if you’re eager to progress to a more managerial position, this will be far more attainable with Level 3. 

The Demolition Process

The process of demolition doesn’t tend to vary much from project to project. The process leading up to a demolition usually goes as follows:

  • Firstly, there’s the building survey. Every aspect of the building due for demolition will be assessed. This includes the materials that make up the building, and the ideal method for demolition. Other aspects assessed would be draining and traffic conditions, building codes, and the neighbouring communities. All of these factors will have an influence on the method of demolition. 
  • Secondly would be the removal of dangerous or hazardous materials. If a building containing harmful materials is demolished, it could endanger the workers, the community, and the environment. These materials could include radioactive substances, asbestos, and anything flammable. 
  • Thirdly, a demolition plan would be drawn up. This would include every aspect of the demolition. Demolition method, equipment required, the amount of debris that will need cleared up- all would be covered in the plan. 
  • Above all, the most crucial (and final) stage would be putting in place the right safety measures.

Demolition NVQ Level 3: Why CST Training?  

With CST Training, the Level 3 Demolition NVQ can be completed entirely remotely using our handy online portfolio system. Furthermore, it can be completed in as little as 6-10 weeks. 

You can pay 50% at the start of the NVQ, and the other 50% once you’re finished. Alternatively, you can split the cost over three payments.






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