Business Admin NVQ: All You Need To Know About Business Administration 

One of the many industries CST Training’s qualifications cover is the world of business. We offer Business Admin NVQ Level 2, 3, and 4. With this NVQ, you’re proving to employers that you’ve studied business administration to the industry standard. 

But what sort of a career would you be looking at, with a Business Administration NVQ under your belt? The following blog will tell you all you need to know about working in business administration. 

Business Administration NVQ: What is Business Admin?

The business administration field is a broad one. It encompasses a number of different roles, growth opportunities, and professional settings. Put simply, business administration refers to the work that goes into managing an organisation; specifically its people, time, and resources. 

If you work in business administration, you’ll be ensuring that your business is running as efficiently and profitably as possible. It’s a career that requires a wealth of skills and knowledge, which is why NVQs are your best bet. Even if you’re already in the industry, a Business Admin NVQ at any level will be hugely beneficial. 

Skills Required for Business Admin 

Business administration requires both quantitative skills and soft skills. Just a handful of these soft skills include the ability to influence others and communicate ideas effectively. As well as these, you would also need to be good at giving feedback, and making presentations. One of the most vital traits of someone working in business administration is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. 

Most professionals in a business environment would need a basic understanding of finance, accounting, IT, and human resources. 

Career Options with a Business Administration NVQ

After completing a qualification in business administration, you’ll be able to work in a number of different fields. These include accounting, operations, finance, logistics, marketing, information systems, human resources, research and development, and member services. You could also get into customer relations, or sales. 

When hearing the term ‘business administration’ your mind may leap to finance and accounting. But it’s actually a very versatile degree. This is largely due to the fact that business administration education has evolved, to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

Regardless of the industry or the size of a company, you’ll likely be valuable to most businesses with this NVQ. You’ll have gained so many skills and so much knowledge that you shouldn’t struggle finding a job with decent pay. As you gain more experience, you’ll be able to specialise in one particular field. You can also progress to a Business Administration NVQ at a higher level. CST Training offers these qualifications at Level 2, 3, and 4. 

Why CST Training? 

So, why take your Business Administration NVQ with CST Training? 

The main benefit to our courses is the speed with which you can complete them. Thanks to our expert team, most people who take this NVQ receive their qualification within 6 – 12 weeks. 

The qualification can be completed entirely remotely, too, thanks to our handy online portfolio system. 

We Offer Business Admin NVQs At Level 2, 3, and 4

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Our Business Admin NVQs Are Delivered In Just 6 – 12 Weeks

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Our E-Portfolio System Provides An Easier Way To Complete Your NVQ Remotely

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