Bricklaying NVQ Level 2: Why You Should Take A Bricklaying NVQ

CST Training offers a range of NVQs. Most are aimed at those in construction looking to further their career, and the Bricklaying NVQ Level 2 is no different. 

With a Bricklaying NVQ, you’ll be able to advance your skills and knowledge of bricklaying quickly and remotely. The following blog will break down all the benefits of taking your NVQ Level 2 with CST Training. 

This Level 2 NVQ is aimed at experienced bricklayers. But if you’re new to bricklaying, this blog will give you an idea of what your career could look like.

Bricklaying NVQ Level 2 with CST Training

There are a number of benefits to taking your NVQ with CST Training’s team. 

With other NVQ providers, it can take months to gather enough evidence to receive your qualification. With CST Training, you’ll be done within 4 to 8 weeks. 

And with our easy-to-use online portfolio system, you can complete the NVQ entirely remotely. There are flexible payment options, too, including 0% finance over 12 months, and splitting the cost over three payments.

The NVQ is CITB approved, which guarantees that the course is up to the industry’s health and safety standards. 

Once you’ve completed the NVQ, you can apply for a Blue CSCS Card. This card proves to employers that you are fully trained for work on a construction site. 

Benefits of a Career in Bricklaying

There are a number of benefits to pursuing, or advancing, a career in bricklaying. 

It’s a career with a solid, stable pay. In the United Kingdom, the average hourly rate is around £13, and this can go far higher with experience. It’s an ideal job if you prefer working outside than working indoors in an office all day. 

There’s also the inherent job satisfaction in regularly completing large, important projects. And it’s a stable career, too. Everyone will always need bricklayers!

You’ll also have the opportunity to start your own business, once you’ve gained enough experience. Many workers in the construction industry are drawn to the idea of going freelance, and being their own boss.

Skills You’ll Improve with Bricklaying NVQ Level 2

You’ll be improving a number of skills throughout the Bricklaying Level 2 NVQ. 

Through working with construction software and various designs, you’ll greatly improve your technical proficiency. Your skills in mathematics will improve, as will your ability to adapt, and to concentrate. 

As well as this, you will strengthen your knowledge of building regulations, your stamina, and your mechanical and engineering know-how.

Career Progression 

There’s a lot of room for career development once you’ve completed a Level 2 NVQ. Many bricklayers go on to specialise in a particular type of bricklaying, such as stone masonry or heritage work. 

Or, as previously mentioned, you could set up your own business and be your own boss.

This NVQ paired with a few years of experience could make the difference when you’re eager to progress your career. You could become a construction site supervisor, a construction manager, or a training centre instructor. 

Complete The Bricklaying Level 2 NVQ With Our Team Here At CST Training

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