What Is A Supervision NVQ?


Due to its flexible structure, NVQs are ideal for those who need to be skilled and to gain on the job experience.  Supervision NVQs provide workers with the capability to supervise other staff, increasing their responsibility on-site. Numerous firms have chosen to get an NVQ for their workers who are completing their apprenticeship, so that they can present a greater balance of theory and practical knowledge. In your career, the experience you gain during your qualification is able to launch opportunities and also increase your pay scale in the longer term.

Why Was the Supervision NVQ created

  • In response to industry demand for a development path for team leaders and supervisors where there was no appropriate vocational or supervisory qualification available at level 3 (SCQF L6), the NVQ / SVQ in Occupational Work Supervision (OWS) was created. The Construction Site Supervision N / SVQ was also regarded to be too wide in its context and requirement and was deemed unobtainable by specialist supervisors. 
  • Following industry consultation, it was clear that while the role of a supervisor was popular across occupational areas, it was necessary for an occupational supervisor to be competent in the occupational area under supervision in order to operate effectively. This was to ensure that to exercise their duties effectively, they would bring understanding and knowledge of specific work processes, quality standards and health and safety requirements.

Who is it designed for?

This qualification is designed for Occupational Work Supervisors who are involved in the supervision and overlooking of specific trade, e.g. formworkers, steel fixers, construction operatives, labourers etc.

Experienced individuals will learn much more by simply going on an experience of self-reflection and inspiring themselves with expertise by taking control of the certification and then being evaluated and examined objectively and appropriately by an industry expert.

Employers Response

Employers who have had their employees undertake NVQs notice an improvement in staff performance and motivation as well as an improvement in the quality delivered. An NVQ also develops the candidates in ways that are relevant and tailored to the business. An increase of productivity, performance and competitiveness is another benefit which has been seen by employers upon completion of an NVQ, as well as a reduced staff turnover and a workforce which is up to date with the latest legislation and best working practices.

On The Job Experience

Owing to its modular nature, NVQs are suitable for those who need to be professional and have job experience. Many firms have opted to get an NVQ for their workers who are finishing their apprenticeship, so that they can gain a strong mix between theoretical and practical experience. In your profession, the expertise you obtain through your qualification is likely to open doors and therefore help the pay scale in the future.


  • CSCS gold card
  • Increased work opportunities
  • Progression path to site management roles
  • Earning potential increased 

Course Content


  • Introduction, NVQ induction and health and safety
  • Leadership and management
  • Communication and customer care
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Planning, programming and logistics
  • Resource management (cost, cash and risk)
  • Onsite assessment visit
  • Assessment workshop (if required)

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