Affordable Training: How CST Training Saves You Money

Just one of the many benefits to CST Training is that, across the board, we make our courses affordable. That’s down to a number of factors. We offer flexible payment options, most of our courses are fully remote, and we offer e-learning course bundles. In today’s blog, we’ll be breaking down exactly how choosing CST Training saves you money with affordable training. Then, we’ll have a quick look at some of the other benefits to CST Training. 

Affordable Training: We Offer Flexible Payment Options

Here at CST Training we offer multiple payment options for our NVQ & VRQ courses. If you’d rather not pay it all at once, you can go with whichever option suits you best.

The first option is paying 50% when you start the course, and the other half once you’ve completed it or after 6 months whichever comes first. Additionally, you can also choose to split the cost over three payments. 

The third option, made possible by our finance partner Knoma, is 0% interest. This option allows you to spread the cost over however many months you’d like to (up to 12 months). When you go with this option, the price you see is the price you’ll be paying. You won’t be paying any interest or fees. To be eligible, you must be a UK resident, be over 18 years old, and have a UK bank account. You can apply for Knoma in minutes. 

MOST OF OUR Courses Are Remote

When you have to travel somewhere for a course, the costs can really stack up. The largest cost, whether you’re driving or using public transport, would be the travel itself. Travel costs are sky high across the board in the UK, but most of CST Training’s courses are remote. If you’re completing a construction NVQ in conjunction with your job, you won’t need to travel anywhere except your work. 

Travel isn’t the only cost associated with doing courses in person. But with CST Training, these costs are eliminated, so you’ll only be paying for the course itself. 

Affordable Training Bundles

We also offer bundles of courses, which lowers our prices and increases your convenience. Included are e-learning bundles for business, construction, and marketing. For each of these categories we offer a Basic bundle, an Advanced bundle, and an Essential bundle. We also offer the PRINCE2 6th Edition Bundle Course, and the PRINCE2 Agile Bundle Course. 

Buying your courses in a bundle will reduce the overall cost. You can also customise which courses are included in the bundle you choose. For example, the default Basic Construction Bundle includes Abrasive Wheel, Asbestos Awareness, and Working Safely. By heading to the Bundle page, you can follow the instructions for customising the courses. 

Benefits of Completing your Training with CST Training

Going with CST Training is your best bet when it comes to saving money. We offer competitive pricing & bulk discounts, and you’ll be able to complete your training a lot faster than with competitors. 

There are a number of benefits to completing your courses with CST Training, though. One of the most notable would be flexibility. In-person classes that take place on a rigid schedule simply don’t suit a lot of people. Learning remotely means you can complete our courses at your own pace. It can also be far better for your mental health; online courses tend to be, compared to in-person classes. 

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