IOSH Rules & Exam Rules 

Please remember that you must attend all days of the course. You will not complete the course if you do not. You are not permitted to miss any amount of the course. 

You must be able to speak, read & write in English 

You must have completed the DIF, and IAF prior to the course. (You may risk not receiving a certificate if we do not receive the previously mentioned forms) 

You must have a strong internet connection that supports audio and video link. 

You must inform CST prior to the course if any learning difficulties,
Obtain parent/guardian written permission if under 18
You must be on time – if you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be denied entry to the course. 
Be willing to participate in group discussions and present their work to the group.
Be aware that their certificate can take up to 28 days to arrive as issued from IOSH

You must show your photo ID on the first day of the course. You must have a suitable exam environment; you should be in a room on your own. With a clear desk. No notes are to be on the desk during the exam. 

You should not be expected by your employer to work during the course and your mobile phone should be switched off. 

Candidates should be at a separate venue. (IE two candidates from the same company cannot complete the exam in the same room) 

You will need access to Zoom. The link for this meeting will be shown above. YOU MUST HAVE SUFFICIENT IT SKILLS TO ATTEND THIS COURSE.

You will need a laptop with a microphone, camera and speakers to complete this course.

During the whole of the course and the exam, you must be visible via your web camera.  

You must complete a risk assessment in your work place prior to completion of the course.