CSCS Cards

As the CSCS [Construction Skills Certification Scheme] card has become an entrance credential to the U.K. construction community more individuals are going towards this qualification. This card serves as confirmation of their legitimacy, proving their ability to do the job safely. You may qualify for various CSCS cards depending on the calibres and an individual’s qualification. 

CSCS stands for the Certification Scheme for Construction Skills, which is the “gateway” of a construction worker controlled by a series of exams of simple questions that have to be correctly answered to receive a CSCS card. There are primarily seven cards obtainable that display the standards of expertise in order to get an acceptable position in the building industry.

CSCS Cards

Types of CSCS Cards

Blue CSCS Card – Skilled Worker

An application that is applicable to the profession must be submitted by the employee. For their job status, all candidates for the Blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card must have passed the applicable CITB Health, Protection & Environment Exam.  Conversely, you might have certificates for SVQ or NVQ level 2. The CSCS Card for a Blue Skilled Worker is valid for 5 years.

Gold CSCS Cards – Advanced Craft Worker

Gold CSCS Card: Advanced Craft

You may be qualifying for the gold card with any of the following requirements you have. Subsequently, depending on your profession, you may need to complete the Operative or Specialist Health, Safety & Environment Examination. You will need an NVQ Level 3

Gold CSCS Card: Supervisor

As long as you do supervisory work on the site, a level 3/4 NVQ or SVQ can already qualify you to register for the gold card. You will need to pass the exam for supervisors on Health, Safety and Environment.

Green CSCS Card: Construction Site Operative/ Labourer Card

The construction business is not only based on building houses or roads. It is a wide field, ranging from plumbing to electricity to supervisors and managers, spanning numerous industries. It also demands distinct abilities that change from one person to another. There is a need to assess your skill level and credentials first before a card is given.

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Black CSCS Card – Senior Manager

The Black Card is for all persons who hold the rank of manager and senior manager who have reached level 6 or 7 in site management. 

White – Academically/Professionally Qualified Person CSCS Cards

This card indicates the person’s occupation. This card is specifically for persons who have jobs associated with building that are not protected by the other types of cards. There are other persons that join the site who perform an essential role in designing or constructing, such as surveyors, mechanics or builders, aside from the staff, professional workers, supervisors and managers. These workers are referred to as a Professional Qualified Person or PQP in which they are no longer expected to document how much time has been spent on site.

Red CSCS Card

The red CSCS card has several different versions depending on the individuals experience and position, the different types are:

  • Trainee for Craft and Operative
  • Trainee for Technical, Supervisory and Management
  • Graduate (Technical, Supervisory and Management)
  • Experienced (Technical, Supervisory and Management)
  • Experienced Worker

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme exists to ensure the safety of all construction workers. Looking for a job in construction? The following will show you exactly how to apply for a CSCS card.

Qualifications Required For A CSCS Card 

There are many different types of CSCS cards, and they each require specific qualifications. The Green CSCS (Labourer) card is aimed at entry-level workers. The fastest way to qualify for this card is with a Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment. This course is provided right here by CST Training. 

CITB Health, Safety And Environment Test 

You will also need to pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test (also known as the CSCS test). There are different tests depending on which CSCS card you are aiming for, so make sure you select the right one using the CSCS Card Finder. All necessary revision material for this test can be found at the CITB online bookshop. Help with revision is also available on the CITB mobile app. The test is usually taken at an approved CITB centre, and costs £21. More information on how to apply can be found on the CITB website

Green and Yellow Crane

Applying For A CSCS Card

 Once you have acquired your Level 1 Award and your CITB HS&E score card, you will be all set to apply for a Green CSCS card. The first step of this process is proving that you have acquired the right qualifications. This will require a scanned copy of your Level 1 qualification, as well as the test ID number from your completed CITB test. This can be found on your pass certificate. Specifics on the documents required can be found on the CSCS website. The application fee is £36. Once you have completed each of these steps, you will receive your Green CSCS Card in the post. The card will last for five years, and will require a renewal after that point.

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Other Types Of CSCS Cards

There are many other types of CSCS cards available. Many of them require NVQs provided here at CST Training

The Red CSCS (Apprentice) card is for those who are completing or have completed an apprenticeship. The Red CSCS (Experience Technical, Supervisor or Manager) card is for those who are working towards a qualification in construction. The other main requirement is having at least one year’s experience in a technical, supervisor or manager role. The Red CSCS (Experienced Worker) card is for those who have a year’s experience on a construction site, and are working towards a qualification in construction. The Red CSCS (Trainee) card is for those who are training towards a qualification in construction. This qualification can be vocational, professional or academic. The Red CSCS (Provisional) card is for those who are working within their probationary period and do not have a qualification in construction, nor a previous CSCS card. 

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The Blue CSCS (Skilled Worker) card is for those who have a qualification in construction or have completed an apprenticeship. This is the level 2 NVQ.

The Gold CSCS (Advanced Craft) card is the first of the advanced CSCS cards. It is designed for those who are highly skilled and/or have advanced qualifications. 

The Gold CSCS (Supervisory) card is for those in a supervisory construction role. The requirements are an advanced skill level, and experience supervising. The gold level cards are achieved through level 3/4 NVQs. 

The Black CSCS (Manager) card is designed for those with managerial experience and high-level qualifications in construction. These are achieved through level 6+ NVQs.

The AQP CSCS (Academically Qualified Person) card is for those who have obtained a degree that is not a NVQ.  

The PQP CSCS (Professionally Qualified Person) is for those whose work brings them to construction sites, but they are not based at these sites.