Crane NVQ

What Is An NVQ?

An NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) is a way of learning that is centred on work and evaluated in a college, school, or workplace. Each level of the NVQ includes a set of on-the-job activities and projects that are designed to assess your ability to complete tasks effectively. Studying for an NVQ is a great way to get experience without having to stick to a strict academic schedule. An NVQ provides you with all of the technical skills and expertise you’ll need to jump-start your career and enter your chosen profession, whether you’re still in school or already have a job. NVQs are competency-based, and the candidate submits evidence of what they do in their workplace, which serves as the basis for a portfolio that is assessed against the relevant occupational standard. Applicants must demonstrate that their skills are current and that they have maintained their integrity throughout time. In today’s blog we are going to discuss who the Crane NVQ is aimed at.

Crane NVQ

What Is Competence?

Individuals must demonstrate that they have the necessary skills, experience, and understanding to perform the tasks connected with their employment position. Competence is the combination of an individual’s readiness, knowledge, ability, and understanding, as well as their ability to apply these safely to a task. Other factors, such as temperament and physical ability, might influence someone’s competency. In the workplace, the nature of competence is critical. What matters is that both the dangers that occur more frequently and those that have serious consequences be adequately focused. Competence is defined as the ability to understand the hazards associated with running operations for any manager, boss, or employee, and then take the required actions to monitor and mitigate such risks.

Who Is The Crane NVQ Aimed At?

This project is aimed at people who have a red CPCS card and need to gain the relevant NVQ in order to transfer to a blue CPCS Competent Operator Card. For individuals who do not use the CPCS System, the qualification should be completed to reaffirm their knowledge in the function of Crane-Lift Supervisor. A crane NVQ is a cost-effective technique to train employees to a widely acknowledged standard, resulting in improved performance. When a NVQ is centred on what the applicant will do rather than what they know, it provides evidence of their ability to accomplish their job. Crane NVQs allow employees to prepare and gather proofs while on the job, resulting in less downtime.

NVQs also demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction both internally and publicly, as well as ensuring that employees are knowledgeable about industry demands and practice guidelines. The Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Construction in Cranes and Specialist Lifting/Mobile Crane Operator was designed to assess workplace vocational skills. Learners are expected to demonstrate their capabilities, knowledge, and abilities while using work platforms in the construction industry. This NVQ certifies you as a construction worker who is in charge of operating mobile cranes.


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occupational health and safety level 6 nvq

What Is The Occupational Health And Safety Level 6 NVQ?

The National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice is a modern work-related qualification. The qualification is determined by the proof provided by each individual, which is inspired by real, on-the-job training. You may even leverage your old records as proof to help you get an NVQ certificate. The Institution of Occupational Health (IOSH) acknowledges this certification as a pathway to membership. 


Recognition Of The NVQ

This certification ensures that people who have an impact on health and safety regulations in their companies have the necessary expertise. If you have properly finished or are in the midst of finishing an NVQ Level 5 within the previous 5 years, you may be able to upgrade your certification to Level 6. Your evidence bundle will need to be re-evaluated and uploaded. We are unable to re-evaluate evidence that is older than 5 years since it is deemed obsolete.


Who Should Take The Occupational Health And Safety NVQ?

The NVQ Level 6 Health and Safety is aimed at people who give health and safety support in companies with substantial hazards and complicated dangers, particularly practising health and safety advisers with policy-making responsibilities or those seeking to become safety experts. You’ll need to know a little about health and safety. In order to create and record evidence, you must also work in a health and safety function inside your company.

How To Start The NVQ

To get started you will need to complete our registration form or please get in touch via the Contact Us Button. As a minimum, you will need a copy of your photo ID. The NVQ can be started on any day and our assessors are able to complete your induction outside of normal working hours. Allowing you a large amount of flexibility.


occupational health and safety level 6 nvq

How To Complete The Occupational Health And Safety NVQ

The NVQ is completed using our easy online portfolio system and you will need to complete the steps below. There are no exams, at all.

  • A set of knowledge questions 
  • Gain a witness testimony from your line manager.
  • Gather evidence of your work, For example, risk assessments, Safety Audits, COSHH Details, CPD records, meeting minutes and other documentation.
  • Write 2 case studies about your day to day role and experience. 
  • Conduct a professional discussion with your assessor.

This can be completed in 8 weeks as long as you are prepared to work with your assessor and gather the correct evidence. Once completed you will receive your ProQual NVQ Diploma via the post. 

Why CST Training?

CST Training provides you with training solutions to meet your needs, as an individual or as a business. We provide extremely competitive prices with great turn around times, to ensure that our clients are always left satisfied. Above all, we are honest and reliable and always meet the standards expected of us, and more.

If you have any questions regarding the Occupational Health And Safety NVQ then get in touch today and our team would be more than happy to answer your queries.


business administration NVQ

We offer a variety of NVQ credentials here at CST Training, with Business Administration NVQs being one of the most prominent. An NVQ in Business Administration may take you along a variety of professional routes in a variety of industries, including construction, by providing a variety of technical skills. In this week’s blog article, we’ll go over what you’ll learn while studying for a Business Admin NVQ, the sorts of jobs you may get after completing it, and who the qualification is appropriate for.

business administration NVQ

Who Is A Business Administration NVQ Appropriate For? 

An NVQ in Business Administration would be an excellent qualification for you to complete if you are currently employed in an administrative support job in the commercial or public sector. The abilities learned can be used to any career, regardless of what field you work in. Due to the nature of NVQs, your qualification will be personalised to you and the company where you work. Maybe you don’t know how to work in the administrative position you desire, but you want to?

An NVQ is a great method to show potential employers that you have the skills to do the job and that you’re committed to continuing your education. People who want to enhance their general administrative and supervisory abilities can benefit from the NVQ in Business Administration.

What Jobs Can A Business Admin NVQ Lead To?

An NVQ in Business Administration can contribute to a range of jobs in a variety of industries and sectors. Below is a list of some of the positions you can advance to, or if you are already in one of these roles, an NVQ is a wonderful way to demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning and professional advancement: secretary, receptionist, administrator, personal assistant ,office supervisor/team leader, office manager.

The occupations described above are jobs that nearly every organisation requires, therefore earning an NVQ in Business Administration broadens your employment options significantly. Maybe you have a specific industry in mind and want to stay in it, or perhaps you simply enjoy your job and are intrigued by the prospect of changing careers. Business administration abilities are applicable in either case and will help you advance in your career. 

Which Business Administration NVQ Should I Do?

Once you’ve opted to pursue an NVQ, you’ll be examined to determine which level you should begin with. Currently, CST Training offers three NVQs in Business Administration:

Level 2

If you’re in a junior administrative position and want to advance your career, Level 2 is for you. It could help you become an office manager or a team leader. Or perhaps you’re searching for more hands-on experience to help you succeed in your current position. The NVQ addresses topics like business communication and how to create working connections with co-workers.

Level 3

The level 3 NVQ is for more established professionals who already have administrative abilities but want to improve them further; for example, to adopt new processes or to advance to a management position. The mandatory units are the same as in a Level 2 qualification, but the optional units are more diverse.

Level 4

The level 4 business administration NVQ is suitable for candidates who have an in-depth understanding of business administration and be heavily involved in the management of it in the workplace.

If you would like to find out more information about business administration NVQs get in touch today.

supervision nvq course

What Is The CITB SMSTS Course?

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is an industry-recognised course that equips businesses with all of the information they need to meet today’s regulatory requirements for demonstrating health and safety competence. The necessary legislation as well as other aspects of workplace safety in the construction, building, and civil engineering industries are covered in this course. In order to sustain a health and safety culture among employees, it highlights the importance of risk assessment in the workplace, as well as the implementation of critical preventative methods and good communication.


What Is The CITB SSSTS Course?

SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme) is a CITB-accredited training for construction site supervisors. Several big contractor organisations now demand all supervisors working on the site to complete the SSSTS course, which is a nationally recognised safety qualification. Every year, thousands of people attend the CITB SSSTS Course around the country, and the UK Contractors Group has approved it as mandatory training for all supervisors working on UKCG projects.

Development capacities and safe working conditions ought to be inseparable, and this wellbeing preparation stresses the need of further developing security abilities to forestall mishaps and wounds. A large number of individuals are injured grinding away consistently, a considerable lot of them work in the development area. Because of these high numbers, it is important that all organisations authorise the principles and work a site that represents minimal measure of hazard to representatives. The CITB SSSTS course isn’t just needed by industry affiliations, yet it is likewise an amazing decision for anyone looking for an administrative situation in the development area.

Free image of Concept of modern urban construction

Flexible Course Offerings

Weekend Courses

We are now offering CITB SMSTS & SSSTS courses over the weekend. This unique and flexible offering of these courses allows you to complete the course without it getting in the way of your job during the week. We completely understand that in some cases it is not possible to complete a course like this during the week which is why we have decided to start offering individuals the chance to complete the course over the weekend. We are also looking to evolve even further and start to offer evening courses. This is something that is in our plans and hopefully will be produced in the near future. We understand that it is not always possible to complete courses during the usual times so to cater for you we are looking to add these courses at flexible times that appeal to everyone.

Reach Out With Your Availability

We really take flexibility to the next level. If you want to complete a CITB SMSTS or SSSTS course but none of the available times suit you, reach out to us with your availability and we will do our best to see what we can do for you and try to find a time that suits you to complete the course.


If you have any questions at all regarding the CITB SMSTS or SSSTS course then do not hesitate to get in touch today.