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NVQs are suitable for people who need to be skilled and obtain on-the-job experience because of its flexible framework. Many companies have decided to obtain an NVQ for their apprentices so that they can provide a better balance of theory and practical knowledge. The experience you get through your education might help you advance in your job by opening doors and increasing your pay scale in the long run. In today’s blog we are going to discuss how a supervision NVQ can benefit you.

Who Suits A Supervision NVQ?

This qualification is for Occupational Work Supervisors who supervise and oversee particular trades, such as form workers, steel fixers, construction operatives, and laborers, among others. Experienced people will learn a lot more by just embarking on a self-reflection journey and motivating themselves with knowledge by taking charge of the qualification and then being independently and suitably reviewed and assessed by an industry expert.

supervision nvq

Reason For The Supervision NVQ

The NVQ / SVQ in Occupational Work Supervision (OWS) was designed in reaction to industry need for a growth route for team leaders and supervisors where no relevant vocational or supervisory qualification was available at level 3 (SCQF L6). The Construction Site Supervision N / SVQ was likewise judged unattainable by professional supervisors due to its broad scope and requirements. Following industry engagement, it became obvious that, while the function of supervisor was common across occupational fields, in order to operate successfully, an occupational supervisor needed to be competent in the professional field under supervision. This was done to guarantee that they would bring a thorough awareness and expertise of particular job procedures, quality standards, and health and safety requirements to their jobs.

You must develop and prove that you have the essential abilities and knowledge to be a competent work supervisor in order to finish a supervision NVQ. This NVQ Level 3 award covers how to plan project tasks, organise and coordinate operations, and guarantee proper health and safety practices in the workplace. Occupational work supervisors require organisational, leadership, and practical abilities to properly carry out their duties, as well as the ability to create, create, and maintain healthy working relationships with others.

Benefits Of A Supervision NVQ

  • CSCS gold card
  • Increased work opportunities
  • Progression path to site management roles
  • Earning potential increased 


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Our Three Supervision NVQs

Occupational Work Supervisor – Level 3

The occupational work supervision NVQ is designed for working supervisors who are supervising a specific trade. The NVQ will be specifically related to your trade area.

Construction Contracting Operations – Level 3

An NVQ for technical staff, estimators, buyers, planners, surveyors, design coordinators. There is also a general pathway.

Site Supervision  Level 4

This NVQ is for site supervisors who supervise work in one of the 6 pathways that are available. This is a more advanced qualification than the Level 3.

If you think any of the three supervision NVQs listed above could be right for you or your employee then get in touch today to find out more.


Steel Erector NVQ Level 3

Construction is perhaps one of the world’s fastest growing, influential, and profitable sectors. Construction has been an integral part of the growth of cities, economics, education, healthcare, transportation, and society from the dawn of time. If countries keep operating, there will always be a requirement for development labour. Employers are increasingly looking for people with outstanding talent and abilities in today’s virus-infected, technology-driven economic world. So, what does this mean for the construction industry? This implies that in this profession, upskilling and obtaining construction credentials is a key concern. In today’s blog we are going to discuss the different construction qualifications in the UK.

The construction industry in the United Kingdom has been severely harmed by the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and Brexit; many businesses are reliant on government assistance and are unwilling to hire new workers. That is why, in this historic moment, we implore you to not be complacent and to improve yourself right now.

A builder is one of the most well-known, well-respected, and well-paid occupations. A metropolitan civil engineer’s pay now starts at approximately £32,000, while roofers, bricklayers, and concrete workers make at least 20 – 30 thousand pounds for their work, and the site manager can make up to 50 – 60 thousand pounds. Executive wages in the sector are competitive, although they are often determined by their experience, credentials, and the firm for which they work. While bachelor’s degrees offer students with the expertise and professional abilities necessary to work in high-level professions, there are still a variety of construction certifications that can be obtained for a far cheaper cost and in a fraction of the time.

The most common and popular construction qualifications:

What Is A Construction NVQ?

A Construction NVQ is a work-based construction programme that focuses on building practical skills and abilities in a particular construction area. With this course, you will be qualified for a variety of interesting construction jobs as well as a CSCS card. Construction NVQs are available at a variety of levels, based on your experience and the career you wish to pursue. CST training provides an array of construction NVQs across all levels.

What Is A CSCS Card?

A CSCS card is a construction industry card that allows you to work on construction sites. The Construction Skills Certificate Scheme was established in 1995 with the goal of creating and maintaining a construction culture where firms and people operate safely, productively, and successfully. It is nearly hard to be employed by a company if you do not have one, despite the fact that it is not a legal necessity. There are many sorts of CSCS cards, similar to Construction NVQs, that are depending on your employment prospects and capabilities.

What Is A CPCS Card?

The CPCS stands for “Construction Plant Competence Scheme,” and it’s designed to help construction employees learn the skills and information they’ll need to operate as plant operators. CPCS cards were established in 2003 as a method to strengthen rules and compliance among all employees and businesses in the construction industry.


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Steel Erector NVQ Level 3

What Is A Steel Erector NVQ Level 3?

A National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 3 Diploma in Steel Erecting is a work-based, nationally validated qualification for persons who work in the steel erecting industry. A steel erector NVQ level 3 qualification may be completed on the job and does not need time away from work for training, making it a straightforward and practical option for steel erecting workers to have their talents publicly acknowledged.

Who Is The Qualification Aimed At?

The purpose of this certification is to acknowledge the knowledge, abilities, and competence of professionals who work in the building and construction sectors and specialise in steel erecting. You can apply for a Gold CSCS Supervisory card after completing this NVQ. Candidates must finish all Mandatory units; more units may be completed, but they will not count toward the certification.

Steel Erector NVQ Level 3

Why Complete A Steel Erector NVQ Level 3?

The qualification validates a person’s knowledge, ability, and competency in steel erecting and can help them advance in their profession. Working toward the certification will help you solidify your understanding of steel erecting and establish a portfolio of evidence of your ability to do the job. Health and safety when working in steel erection (including working safely at heights, reducing risks and having to deal with hazards and emergencies), as well as planning and installing structural leads and steelwork, are some of the key areas in which this qualification will demonstrate your competence. You’ll be eligible to upgrade your Red Trained Operator CSCS card to a Gold Supervisory CSCS card once you’ve received your NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Structural Steel Erecting.

Entry Requirements

A steel erector NVQ level 3 is appropriate for people who are currently employed in a steel erection position, which is typically in the engineering or construction industries. Candidates do not need to have completed any previous qualifications, however they must already have a CSCS Red Trained Operator card.

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How Long Is The Completion Time For A Steel Erector NVQ Level 3?

On-the-job training for the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Steel Erecting is available. The qualification necessitates the creation of a portfolio or documents demonstrating your proficiency in the certification’s standards.

You will be allocated an assessor when you begin the qualification, with whom you will be able to speak remotely about the qualification. They may provide you assistance and support, as well as come to your location to assist you in acquiring all of the necessary evidence.

The time it takes to complete the qualification is variable. Most individuals finish in 6 to 12 months, but it all depends on how much time you can devote to it and how quickly you can acquire proof.

How Is The Steel Erector NVQ Level 3 Assessed?

This certification does not need any tests or homework. The portfolio of proof that you present at the conclusion of the course will be used to evaluate your diploma. You can send it to be internally verified and then submitted whenever you are happy that you have shown proof of your competency in each of the course’s modules. You will then be judged either “competent” and granted the qualification, or “not yet competent,” in which case your portfolio will need to be reviewed again.


If you feel a steel erector NVQ level 3 is right for you then get in touch today.

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Jb Roofing

“When I initially contacted CST Training, Cohan was extremely helpful, promptly answering my queries.

My assessor Fred, was very efficient. He was supportive and accessible. I found the course easy to follow, as it was broken down into smaller parts. Fred answered any questions quickly and always put me at ease.

I enjoyed completing this course and would definitely recommend CST Training.”

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“Completed my NVQ Level 6 – construction site management with CST, I extremely happy with their professional services. I specially thank to Cohan Tyler and recommended strongly..”

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“I found the company easily accessible.

The assessor was always on hand to answer any queries or questions I had.

Process was straight forward and easy to manoeuvre through.

I have completed level 6 diploma in construction management, I will be doing level 7 before the year ends.”

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“I finally got around to completing my L6, largely thanks to these guys being so helpful, responsive & knowledgeable. Cohan dealt with everything so efficiently and Steve (my Tutor) was really supportive.

Couldn’t recommend highly enough! Craig”

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“Professional company. Did my NVQ level 4 in Site Supervision with David Cox and would highly recommend to anyone. He was great help and always available for a chat with any help I needed.”

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“I used CST Training for the first time, the people I spoke to were quick and responsive to help and find the correct course for me! Throughout the course my Assessor has been so helpful, making things so simple and easy for me I couldn’t thank them any more if I tried!! Really really good service and will 100% be using them again in the future for more courses!”

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“Cohan was in charge of my qualification, gave me every ounce of detail needed at the start of the course. He kept on top of all of my submissions and made everything very simple. Surprisingly, the process was very easy and stress free. Would recommend for anyone who needs to get their certification!

Thanks a lot!”

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