Business NVQs


We are no longer just a construction training provider, we now provide business NVQs! Business NVQs open up a whole new range of skills that you can acquire and in today’s blog we are going to discuss how a business NVQ could benefit you.

Business Administration NVQ

Those who want to work in administrative service positions in the public or private sector, or who want to develop their administrative and supervisory skills, should pursue NVQs in Business and Administration. No matter what sector they work in, these adaptable qualifications can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual learners and employers. These qualifications provide a diverse array of units to fulfil the demand of learners and employers, from learning to perform simple administrative tasks to acquiring higher level support skills. They are also necessary components of the Level 2 and 3 Business and Administration Apprenticeships.

Business NVQs

What Level Is Right For You?

Level 1

You’re new to the job and want to learn how to do simple administrative tasks. You’ll need daily skills like managing mail, interacting with others, and connecting with them.

Level 2

You’re in a junior role and want to advance your career as a team leader or business manager. You’ll need hands-on experience with more detailed administrative help, such as assisting with meetings and events or retrieving data.

Level 3

You are familiar with administration systems and have some experience with them. You want to improve the ability to execute and control administrative processes and programs, with the aim of eventually moving into management.

Level 4

You provide logistical support and make a strategic contribution. You may want to lead or manage a team, or you may want to advance to that role. You’ll need a variety of administrative and management skills, including budgeting and creativity promotion.

What Careers Business NVQs In Admin Can Lead To

An NVQ in Business and Administration will help you excel in any size or form of organisation as a support worker. These are some of the roles:

  • Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Administrator
  • Personal assistant
  • Office supervisor team leader
  • Manager

How Business NVQs Can Be Useful

Nationally specified occupational requirements are used to establish NVQs. The learner’s capacity to complete a competency-based assignment is measured against national occupational standards’ performance measures. The tests are documented using a variety of methods and previous learning experiences, which are used to gather the evidence needed to satisfy the qualifications’ unit requirements. An NVQ certification will help the company expand its capabilities and fill existing and potential skills gaps, which are already stifling growth and making it difficult to attract new talent. NVQs provide greater productivity, performance and competitiveness as the workforce will be motivated and happy, as the organisation has invested in their future skills. Employees will have the opportunity to develop new skills, and accredit their knowledge. Bringing new ideas to the workforce. Whilst earning while they learn. The individuals that take on a business NVQ will also have developed the skills relevant to the business.


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Level 2 NVQ


What Does A Level 2 NVQ Look Like?

Competence requires the transfer of expertise and skills to a wide range of job tasks carried out in a number of environments. Some of the tasks are complicated or non-routine, and some personal accountability or autonomy is necessary. Collaboration with others, such as as part of a work group or team, is often needed. A level 2 NVQ is the perfect way to prove competence.

Awareness and skills in fields such as general health, protection, and security, adhering to productive working standards, and transporting, managing, and storing resources will be developed through this qualification. Installing, preserving, and eliminating work environment security may be a specialty for students. Since this is a competency-based qualification, learners can gain the necessary expertise and skills by on-the-job training or in a classroom setting.

Level 2 NVQ

Who Is a Level 2 NVQ Qualification For?

This credential is appropriate for:

  • Employees who choose to advance to supervisory positions
  • People who are already working and want to advance their careers
  • Those who want to start their own business
  • Students in high school and college have a part-time career that allows them to learn the necessary skills in the workplace
  • Full-time and part-time studies are available

There are no prerequisite skills, experience, comprehension, or other requirements necessary to begin this qualification; however, learners must have the ability and opportunity to complete it successfully.


Because of their modular nature, NVQs are suitable for those who need to be trained and have “on the job experience.” Many employers choose that their apprentices earn an NVQ in addition to their apprenticeship so that they can achieve a fair mix of theoretical and practical experience. The expertise you accumulate during your education is likely to open doors throughout your profession and, throughout the long term, enhance your pay scale.

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Progression After Level 2 NVQ

Learners can advance from the level 2 NVQ Diploma in Construction and Civil Engineering Operations to a variety of level 3 and higher certificates, such as Occupational Work Supervision. Construction and Civil Engineering Operations is a level 2 NVQ Diploma that can contribute to jobs in the construction industry. 


The construction sector will drive your profession in a variety of different directions. If you choose the appropriate NVQ for you, it will assist you in being more qualified in the area in which you wish to succeed. An NVQ helps you to acquire understanding of both the theoretical and practical facets of your work, which can help you succeed in your career.


The NVQ, or National Vocational Qualification, is a nationally accepted certificate that verifies that you are performing to industry standards. The degree has a strong reputation and would be well-received by both present and prospective employers, facilitating career advancement. Other nationally accepted credentials are comparable to NVQs.


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What Is A Construction NVQ?

In its building-related role, a Construction NVQ is a certification used to indicate a person’s competence. From the information they have given, an assessor may evaluate the skill of the trainee to do their job. Construction NVQs are available from levels 2-7, depending on the qualification chosen. However, we are going to focus on how to complete a level 6/7 NVQ.

Level 6/7 NVQ Construction Management

Both of these qualifications are flexible which allows you to complete them in your own time. The level 6 and 7 NVQ provides you with a high level of qualification that has an array of benefits such as you are more attractive to employers as you have proved your competency. Also the qualification proves that you can work to industry standards and you will possess a nationally recognised qualification upon completion.

level 6/7 nvq

Level 7 NVQ In Construction Senior Management

For those working in the construction sector, the NVQ Level 7 in Construction Senior Management is a competency-based certification. The credential is used to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and eligible for your role. By completing the level 7 NVQ in construction site management you will receive your Black CSCS Manager Card.

The Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management is made for senior managers who:

–          Oversee the entire project

–          Analyse the company’s strategy and plan future projects

–          Manage the personal development of the workforce

–          Analyse projects to identify potential risks

–          Maintain quality standards throughout the team

–          Build the team aligned with requirements of the project

The roles in which this is applicable are senior project managers, commercial managers, operations managers, production managers and property and facilities managers.

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NVQ Level 6 Site Management in Construction

The National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 6 in Construction Site Management is a competency-based qualification for those working in the construction industry. An NVQ is used to show that you are competent in your job.

The Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management is designed for individuals in senior site management positions, such as those in charge of project development, maintaining that work operations and services fulfil project work criteria, and monitoring project amounts and costs.

The Level 6 NVQ Construction Site Management is aimed at:

  • Site Managers
  • Contracts Managers
  • Project Managers

The level 6 NVQ in construction site management will provide you with your Black CSCS Card and allow you to apply for Membership of Chartered Institute Of Building (MCIOB).


If you are interested in progressing your career and ensuring your competence is tested then get in touch today. We offer a range of Level 6 & 7 NVQs to suit your needs. Have a look and see which qualifications can help you.

Chartered Member


A Chartered professional is described as a person who has attained a specific degree of expertise or competence in a specific field of study, as indicated by the acceptance of a formal certification by a professional body.  Chartered Member rank is a badge of technical excellence that is conferred by Chartered professional bodies and academic societies.

Chartered Member



With a Level 7 NVQ in Construction Senior Management or Built Environment Design and Consultancy Practice, you’ll be well on the way to being a Chartered Member along the NVQ pathway. You can also use this application route if you have the equivalent Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs), such as the SVQ in Construction Senior Management at SCQF Level 11 or the SVQ in Built Environment Design and Consultancy Practice at SCQF Level 11. 


You should register for Chartered Membership straight away, because your Professional Review application would be shorter than the Business route because your NVQ7 or SVQ Level 11 is evidence of your expert proficiency. You only need to write a short report on your ethical judgment and ethics. Owners of a Level 6 NVQ or a Level 9 SVQ will be academically qualified to enroll in the full Industry Professional Review.


Qualifications in Construction Management is for individuals who oversee construction projects on an established construction site. This qualification is ideal for project managers who are responsible for technical design, team management, and risk assessment and who construct and oversee construction projects from start to finish. It should also evolve your knowledge of optimal health and safety processes as well as other elements of senior management, in addition to displaying your established abilities in senior construction site management. Workers who complete the NVQ in construction site management are understood by the Chartered Institute of Building as meeting the most up-to-date standards of construction site management, which can enhance organizational performance in the professional sector.

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This National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Diploma in Built Environment Design and Consultancy Practice is for workers in the construction and building design industry who work in a variety of areas. It is intended to assess occupational competence in the workplace, where students must demonstrate skills and knowledge at a level appropriate for the construction industry. This qualification enables learners to prove competence in built environment design and consultancy practice at a level that the construction and built environment industries necessitate.


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CSCS Cards

As the CSCS [Construction Skills Certification Scheme] card has become an entrance credential to the U.K. construction community more individuals are going towards this qualification. This card serves as confirmation of their legitimacy, proving their ability to do the job safely. You may qualify for various CSCS cards depending on the calibres and an individual’s qualification. 

CSCS stands for the Certification Scheme for Construction Skills, which is the “gateway” of a construction worker controlled by a series of exams of simple questions that have to be correctly answered to receive a CSCS card. There are primarily seven cards obtainable that display the standards of expertise in order to get an acceptable position in the building industry.

CSCS Cards

Types of CSCS Cards

Blue CSCS Card – Skilled Worker

An application that is applicable to the profession must be submitted by the employee. For their job status, all candidates for the Blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card must have passed the applicable CITB Health, Protection & Environment Exam.  Conversely, you might have certificates for SVQ or NVQ level 2. The CSCS Card for a Blue Skilled Worker is valid for 5 years.

Gold CSCS Cards – Advanced Craft Worker

Gold CSCS Card: Advanced Craft

You may be qualifying for the gold card with any of the following requirements you have. Subsequently, depending on your profession, you may need to complete the Operative or Specialist Health, Safety & Environment Examination. You will need an NVQ Level 3

Gold CSCS Card: Supervisor

As long as you do supervisory work on the site, a level 3/4 NVQ or SVQ can already qualify you to register for the gold card. You will need to pass the exam for supervisors on Health, Safety and Environment.

Green CSCS Card: Construction Site Operative/ Labourer Card

The construction business is not only based on building houses or roads. It is a wide field, ranging from plumbing to electricity to supervisors and managers, spanning numerous industries. It also demands distinct abilities that change from one person to another. There is a need to assess your skill level and credentials first before a card is given.

Train Subway

Black CSCS Card – Senior Manager

The Black Card is for all persons who hold the rank of manager and senior manager who have reached level 6 or 7 in site management. 

White – Academically/Professionally Qualified Person CSCS Cards

This card indicates the person’s occupation. This card is specifically for persons who have jobs associated with building that are not protected by the other types of cards. There are other persons that join the site who perform an essential role in designing or constructing, such as surveyors, mechanics or builders, aside from the staff, professional workers, supervisors and managers. These workers are referred to as a Professional Qualified Person or PQP in which they are no longer expected to document how much time has been spent on site.

Red CSCS Card

The red CSCS card has several different versions depending on the individuals experience and position, the different types are:

  • Trainee for Craft and Operative
  • Trainee for Technical, Supervisory and Management
  • Graduate (Technical, Supervisory and Management)
  • Experienced (Technical, Supervisory and Management)
  • Experienced Worker